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The Storms a Coming

Updated on December 29, 2011

I grew up on Lake Minnetonka. I love storms. When I was growing up, I loved to watch the storms come in from the lake, from my sliding glass door. As ferocious as a storm can be, I loved the atmosphere of excitement that came with it. We would watch the storm rattle our glass door off our deck. I still dream of storms coming in exactly like that.

Tonight as I sit here and hub, a severe thunderstorm warning is a coming. I love it. My son is laying on the couch next to me and the rest of my family is up in their rooms sleeping. I am awaiting the storm. I love to hear the news buzzing about the weather and all that goes with it.

My dear father, John Anthony Rogers was an airline pilot for Northwest airlines. He knew so much about clouds since he had to fly through them. Let me define the types of clouds that are in our sky.

  • cumulonimbus Clouds- Again, my darling dad would teach us kids that cumulonimbus were the thunder clouds. These are the dense and puffy dark clouds that are in the sky before a severe storm. My dad would say " Kids, remember these cumulonimbus by saying this " Cumulonimbus, bumpus o lot us." How could we forget that? These clouds were mean and in the airplane they bumped us around a lot.
  • Cirrus Clouds- Cirrus clouds are thin and wispy like. Sometimes they are referred to as the "mares tail." They all connect together and at times look like one big thin cloud. I refer to these clouds as my " angel clouds".
  • Stratus Clouds- Stratus clouds are low lying clouds. These clouds are the ones that sprinkle rain or mist. Fog is a low lying stratus cloud.

There is something so mysterious, so awe inspiring about a good storm. I think it is that cozy feeling I get when my family is safe in our home and the storms a brewing.

Dark you may be, and safe are we

Your mystery envelops me, you are so complex

Natures paint brush, goes black,green,yellow

God has me in awe, what now,

It went from fierce to mellow

Wind whips fast,furious then slow,

where are you now, where did you go

Pop up storms how tricky are thee

Branches down, roofs fly, the birds, they flee

Brew dirty storm throwing all debris

When you are done, the rays peek through

Rainbows and hope, Natures beauty if free

© Laura Rogers Arne

When there is a severe storm in your neck of the woods, Do You Enjoy the Excitement?

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