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The Story of Food

Updated on June 21, 2017

Hor, a hungry caveman, is looking for food. The tribe has been eating only berries and other plants for a few days. Everyone is counting on Hor to catch some kind of animal while he’s on his hunting expedition. If he fails, it’s berries again for dinner. He gets lucky and catches a wild rabbit. Before taking the rabbit back to the tribe, he takes a few bites of the raw warm meat, finally satisfying his taste buds. He will probably have to hunt again soon to make sure everyone gets food.

More than 450 000 years have passed since the time that man would eat raw meat without thinking twice about it. We still have to work for our food today of course, but we don’t hunt for it, and risk our lives to get some protein. Today we go to the supermarket and buy our food, except if you live alone in the woods or an island, but then you wouldn’t be reading this.

Stone Age

The story in the intro explains how the people in the Stone Age would live. They gathered plants and berries throughout the lands and hunted for meat. Research shows that they did use tools, but not sophisticated ones like those used in the Bronze Age. These tools were primarily hunting tools like spears.
There are still some tribes today that hunt and gather their food, but the majority of people don’t live in isolated tribes anymore, and for a good reason. It takes significantly more time to hunt and gather food than to buy it at your local supermarket.

The New Stone Age

The New Stone Age, or Neolithic Age was the period when human technology begun developing. Farming had just begun, and people could now do less work to get food. People were also beginning to understand how food works and how to control it, but only to some degree. They still didn’t know a lot about food hygiene. Naturally big settlements would begin around the places that farmed. There were more food and it made life easier.

Medieval Period

The Western Roman Empire fell and with it begun the Medieval Period. Many new kingdoms were formed during this time since many people migrated. It was during this time that people understood what food hygiene was. Unfortunately they didn’t have any cures for these diseases. Many people would feel sick for days before getting healthy. Food wasn’t hard to come by anymore, but the absence of cures made people sick for long periods of time.

Modern Living/Space Age

Food can be preserved today with the help of smoking and canning, but the most recent way of preserving food was by freezing. Today huge amounts of food can be transported thousands of miles by aeroplane within a few hours. Today there are supermarkets which hold all the food. We can go to the supermarket and pick out what we want. We no longer have to be satisfied with only berries and raw meat.

People also discovered all types of medicines and cures. Don’t get me wrong. Tribes have been using natural medicines for centuries, but modern medicine is more concentrated and can be of greater help in most cases. Modern medicine helps our bodies fight against the sickness and can make us healthy in a shorter time period.

There are also concentrated foods to choose from. Concentrated food contains all the nutrients and minerals that our bodies need to survive. We can for example take a pill in the morning and evening to make sure we get all the vitamins in we need. This is helpful to stay healthy for longer. As we get older our bones get weaker and we can make them stronger by supplying them with big amounts of calcium from just one little capsule.

The population is still growing at an extraordinary rate. Researchers suggest that there won’t be enough food in the future for everyone. The future they speak of is still way out of reach, but we can already see how some countries struggle with food. Researchers want to explore the vast sea to find another type of food to use as human food. No, it’s not fish. It’s algae.
For now we can enjoy our supermarket food and be grateful that we don’t have to hunt and gather food. Life was hard and it still is, but as our technology evolves, life gets easier and we can all agree that life today is a 100 times more easy.


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    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 8 months ago from California, United States of America

      Very interesting to consider what it was like thousands of years ago and what did to get food and what we did with it, and how it all evolved. Fascinating subject.