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The Sublimely Sacred Role Infidelity Plays in a Loving Committed Relationship

Updated on October 16, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Sweet Sweet Fragrance of Attraction
Sweet Sweet Fragrance of Attraction

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: The ONLY Way Out Is Into The Depths of Emotional Despair

Virtue flees when we judge, criticize and condemn. We are not to think for one minute that our rationalizations demonstrate or defend our personal need to analyze or interpret certain offenses in torrid situations. Most especially where intimate involvements are formed, established, maintained and nurtured. {that would be extramarital affairs}

Realize, first and foremost, that our minds are clouded by preferential dispositions that will always supersede any amount of fairness where the other is concerned. In fact, if anything be the case, the contrary mind-set would be the most eligible chosen pattern of thought.

Being alive on earth involves a certain amount of suffering associated while developing the needed tools for proper reflection and application with regard to intimate relationships. And, then we throw illicit Sex in the seeded mix in the wheel barrow.

Now, I am fully consciously aware as I pen these ill received words but nonetheless, one must at least have somewhat of an open mind if the “water’s going to run to the trough.” No one likes to discuss the word infidelity: cheating, sleeping around, running out, being unfaithful, doing the dirty, getting some on the side, and of course, keeping up a mistress.

But, unless we are willing to be spread with chicken manure on the top lip in order to smell the sweet fragrance of denial, we must realize we are all human fragile beings who are susceptible to forbidden pleasures. In other words, it is our frailties that set us apart from the ascended masters, gods and supernatural beings.

If we are breathing, which I propose we all are, we WILL make so-called mistakes, errors in judgment and {on occasion succumb to our wild and wily ways of wastrel ways}.

The point is not to dwell on the bump in the road but to observe closely how we {the partner and our self} will manage to re-align our ‘out of alignment’ vehicle. Now, there are times, when the vehicle has veered too far to the left and will not be coming back to this particular highway of compassion but that is another story altogether.

Presently, we are talking about romantic sexual liaisons that ultimately do work themselves out. For better or worse, the two (three) people involved become more aware of their underlying needs to be addressed.

When a prohibited unfaithful sexual act occurs (according to culture, society, marriage vows, commitments, religious upbringing, etc.,) it is NOT the end of the road. Nor does it have to be the destruction of the relationship. It certainly will be IF the desecration of the union was set prior to the alleged third party intrusion.

It is extremely easy and convenient to use the leverage of an illicit affair to dissolve a union. But, the truth is the involvement was not satisfactory to either party on some level before the affair. Now, don’t get your feathers ruffled so quickly.

What I am inferring is that in life, there are unions that will be established which have no personal bearing on the two previously involved except as a bridge to bring about another avenue of expression.

Sounds cold, hard indifferent? No. It sounds like what it is. Human beings experiencing life on earth with no road map to follow when unexpected sexual attracting regimens show up. We are instinctively driven creatures of uproarious displays in innocent flirting.

But, our divine unconscious will use these brief interludes of playing around to bring about a new area of exploration in soul’s development. Restriction and reduction is forbidden while alive. We are to express our creative selves in a myriad of ways. Otherwise we would simply be programmed dummies, unnatural and unpleasant.

In other words, we are to experience, in this dispensation of time, the pertinent lessons needed to eliminate the negative attributes which in the past have prevented us from enjoying a full exceptionally free flowing fun loving sexually stimulating attractive magnetized energetic enthusiastic productive artistic sacredly productive life.

And, at the same time we are to be free enough to allow the other his/her sacred sensual sexual artistic unfolding self without condemnation, ridicule or judgment. Plain and simple: we are to get to the place where we can speak boldly, uninhibitedly, and exactly how we want to give and receive our sublimely erotic pleasure.

I bring this somewhat sorrow slanted shadowed fact right up front so that we may better understand the endless repetitive feelings of victim-hood we tend to project, indulge, and experience pretty much on a daily basis.

We can not possibly begin to appreciate, apply and receive the enormous beauty (liberating truth) of the sexually invigorating magnitude of sensation in real intimacy from lessons on/in this earth school throughout our journey unless we are consciously aware of what we are dealing with, shutting out and cuting off.

Two letters: us. We have gravely indelibly imprinted inhibitions which restrain us from being open, outward and receptive to the divine flow.

We are in, essence, closed, inward and resistant to the sacred spirit dealing with us in matters we deem inappropriate. In other more sensuous words, we will continuously have to confront and slay the feelings of ‘Getting the short end of the stick’, “somebody did me wrong song” until we come to terms with the dreaded fear and insecurity we are feeling.

When we feel ‘shut out’ it’s only because we are the one doing the shutting out! No one is doing it to us. We are acting in a double blind situation whereby we are double-minded in our requests. Now is the time to come clean.

We inherently KNOW how to experience the other but oftentimes confuse the boundary lines of the intimacy pool. To such a degree, that we merely have not formed our own inclusive way of swimming without imitating.

Far too much lack of self-confidence bubbling in the tasteless soup of sacred sensual sexual artistic soup to be of any real value. Where’s the imagination and fantasies?

The task of finding out who we truly are and what it is we truly want and how we are truly going to go about securing these things will be the greatest adventure of our entire life. That’s not the least bit scary: it’s for real!

Be still. Stop our frantic hurrying, demanding and bribing. No need to confuse our intent. The other is speaking it loud and clear for us. So who’s really doing the cheating? If we’re not bringing our whole disrobed sexual self to the bedroom what do we call ourselves doing?

After we get used to the realization of our incessant babbling and worrisome compulsion to battle ourselves-all the time- trying to convince us how wonderful, pure, innocent, gracious, loyal, devoted and morally foreboding we are, we may just get a clue to what’s been going on.

We will be forced to let go and surrender some of the ‘holier than thou’ defense mechanisms we maintain in order to survive. Another way of saying: to stay hidden behind our sheets of sanctified goodness. Why do we try so hard to conceal what is obviously spilling out of our cells in every single confrontation?

There are so many layers of us waiting to be excavated, explored and exposed. But, unless we move our barometer of ‘allowing varied experiences to enter’ without first pre-judging, condemning or criticizing their worth, merit or added benefit, we will continue to feel stuck, angry, tired, used, cheated on, lied to, and wasted.

To break the protective ‘mold of control’ on the other (while we refuse to let go) ages us considerably not to mention how unattractively unappealing it makes the body and mind. It’s called karmic payback.

We will have many disturbing challenges to face in our intimate relationships. But, we must release the idea that anything is out of order or that we have been wronged in any way. We have not been harmed! {Bruised egos, maybe} but, nevertheless, the unfortunate incident will prove to be of fantastic liberation of emotional soul and physical spirit.

If we ease up on the other, we will naturally ease up on ourselves. Can we possibly empty out our chaotic room of jealous self' long enough to experience uncluttered enlightened pleasure filled feelings of sacred sensual sexual artistic stirrings? For virtue is solely determined by what we forgive, forget and let go of. Are we virtuous human beings or what?


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    • killrats profile image

      killrats 7 years ago from Cape town South Africa

      Ja, life is not just a plain soft ride, and when temtation says Hi one must within one self know if it is time to run or time to stand one ground or to give in, the choice is always yours.

      Have a great day. Look forward to reading more

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting read - thanks.

    • HotRondo profile image

      HotRondo 7 years ago from USA

      awesome...thanks for sharing :)

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Beautifully written.