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The Sun behind my Life - the essay of Maria Clariza S. De Leon

Updated on October 17, 2011

Behind the gloom the Sun is shining brightly

The Sun behind is the source of hope even if one is under the shadow of thick gloom.
The Sun behind is the source of hope even if one is under the shadow of thick gloom. | Source

The Sun behind my Life

It was midday Sunday, the surroundings was peaceful. I look at the sky, the sun is too bright and my skin is burning and getting to dark. I close my eyes and feel the essence of the sun and makes me realized, my life…

I felt something wet on my face. Oh! I was crying. As I let my tears falling down in my cheeks, I remember the problems that I’m carrying, that no one can help me, but only me. It cause my heart and mind miserable, I don’t know if I can survive or I will give up.

My life is so miserable, sometimes I’m questioning my self “why did I accept this task?” Living in a far away home that no one is nearby houses and neighbors. A place that an old woman was living, her son ask me a favor that if I accept it he will paid me back for my study in college. I think hundred times, if I will accept it, I can pursue my study in college. That’s why this is a big opportunities for me.

For me, education is my best legacy and weapon for my future battle against life’s crisis. Being a poor, that my family cannot support me in my study because of lack of money, I grab this opportunity and take the task. At the start, it was so easy that everything is fine. Until the situation is in trouble, no allowance for my food, projects, Xerox copies, and especially for my fare. No financial support from my family that makes me feels sad, due to poverty. They are saying that poverty is not a hindrance to your success and this is the only saying that I’m handling right now to make me strong and survive. Many gossipy message that ruin me, that makes me small and losing my confidence.

I know that this challenge is towards my successful achievement in the future. It is true that there are many obstacles that I’m encountering but I will use these as my armor inspiration that in every trials that may come in my way as I go to the fulfillment of my plans and my big dreams in the end, I know that I will reap the fruits of my success and can finally say that I survive.

I feel someone has shaken me, as I open my eyes, it’s my youngest brother giving a towel for me.


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