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Taurus - Time to ask: what do you value?

Updated on April 19, 2010

Prepare to assess your priorities during this month.

Taurus is represented by the bull, an animal that in spite of his majestic serenity, would charge mindlessly against anything threatening his territory. This is the clearest image of what we need to assess while the Sun transits Taurus: what do you really value?

Whether we speak of our financial stability, our home, our children, or our beliefs and principles, the Sun in Taurus will bring about a good opportunity to assess what are the areas of our life we value the most and how well are we connecting with this reality. However it is important to remember that the essence of what we value is that which we perceive as fundamental to our existence.

Between 20 April and 21 May this year, ask yourself this question over: What do you value? Here's an exercise to explore it: ask someone to help you by asking you "what do you value" during five minutes. The other person does not need to reply or comment on your replies. Instead, you will find that the result is a remarkable progress from generic to specific answers to discover deep motivations behind those things you consider fundamental in life.

People from Taurus (either with natal Sun in Taurus, or a strong configuration related with this birth sign) are often classified as stubborn (another clear image provided by the bull) and tight with money. However there is a much deeper interpretation of these superficial characteristics: we are all likely to be stubborn and over cautious about how we spend our resources if we are afraid of change. Under unexpected circumstances we are more likely to try to maintain the status quo and money or valuables as a representation of security, become important. A person with a strong Taurus quality in his astrological chart will be willing to take only calculated risks or make sure he retains a certain level of control in new or unexpected circumstances.

As an earth sign, Taurus will highlight the necessity for concrete results, but it will also remind us that we have a comfort zone and that it is difficult to step away from it. April 20 to May 21 opens a door to assess the current status of the projects we have set up and understand if what we value is in line with the goals we are aiming to achieve.


  • Gardening: connection with nature and physical work in open spaces brings about a better awareness of our surroundings. The mental imagery produced by being in contact with nature helps to relax and become better focused.
  • Enjoy your body: sensuality is strongly associated with Taurus and exploring it brings about an opportunity to assess what areas of your life make you feel truly satisfied. Unhappiness needs to be identified and tackled during this month.
  • Find a physical space where you can enjoy comfort. Either at home, in your office or in a public area, this space can provide an opportunity to examine how to step away from your comfort zone remembering you can always go back to this space to recover.


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    • Ester Ester profile image

      Ester Ester 7 years ago

      it is the end of the school year and the beginning of Spring cleaning. Perfect time to clean up house. With all the benefits of introspective hibernation behind us finding what is important seems easy. And backing away from extra complications essential for wellbeing. The world pushes forward with old forces and we hold back with new awareness of deep values that have come to the surface to be heard, felt and lived