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5 Things That Teachers Don't Want to Hear On Summer Break

Updated on May 31, 2016

Summer vacation is one of the perks of being a teacher. After 187 days of a fixed schedule,lesson planning, data meetings, strategic teaching, and not to mention the chaos of the classroom, every teacher is ready for days without a bell schedule. However, it never fails that the bliss of summertime is briefly spoiled by one of the following comments.

1. Well, since you have so much free time now, why don't you...

"Why don't you paint the bedroom, why don't you mow the grass, why don't you clean out the garage?" Yes, teachers have free time during the summer. FREE time. While the summer break is an excellent time to do projects around the house, the projects will be done without a time frame or calendar reminder.

2. It must be nice to have 3 months and still get paid.

There are a couple of things wrong with this. First, it's not 3 months. It is more like 8 weeks. Summer breaks get shorter every year. Second, yes, teachers get paid for 187 days worth of work divided among 12 months. So, technically, teachers do NOT get paid for summer break.

3. So, do you work during the summer?

Isn't it okay NOT to work during the summer? Teachers more than earn the break away from the classroom. Why should they have to work a summer camp or babysit during their summer off? Most use the time off for family time or professional development. And on that note...the workshops.

4. It must be nice. You don't even have to think about work for 3 months.

Once again, it's 8, maybe 10 weeks, and at least one of those weeks consists of professional development meetings or workshops. So, teachers do have to think about curriculum mapping, before strategies, and test scores on their summer break.

Where to begin???

5. Wow, you don't even have to step foot in the school until August!

RIght, the classroom just magically transforms into a spotless, organized learning zone after 187 days of absolute chaos. Teachers find themselves in the classroom long before August to clean desks, paint cabinets, plan lessons, and decorate bulletin boards. The environment "conducive to learning" doesn't just happen overnight!

So all you year round employees, stop for a second and think about the work of teachers before you through a kink in their much deserved SUMMER break!


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