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What Are the Temporal Lobes?

Updated on March 3, 2014
Temporal lobe.
Temporal lobe. | Source

Where are the Temporal Lobes Located?

Information regarding the temporal lobes in human biology and behavior is particularly interesting to me.

The temporal lobes are located just above the ears and are involved in the reception and interpretation of auditory stimuli (Wood, Wood, & Boyd 50).

What Is Their Purpose?

Contained in the temporal lobes are also the primary auditory cortex, Wernicke’s area, and temporal association areas.

The remainder of the lobes called the association area stores memory and interprets auditory stimuli (Wood, Wood, & Boyd 51).

All of these brain functions work in unison to interpret the sounds we hear.

Receiving Sound

I found it interesting that the primary auditory cortex receives sound inputs from both ears.

While the Wernicke’s area of the left temporal lobe is involved in comprehending and formulating coherent written and spoken language.

For Example

For example, whenever I hear a distinct ringing sound while I am at home I automatically know it is my telephone ringing because of an incoming call.

If I answer the phone and the voice sounds familiar I can also tell right away who it is. I do not have to ask who is calling because I will already recognize the voice.

An act such as this would utilize the three sections of my brain's temporal lobes.

It Is Amazing

It is amazing how quickly the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can relay messages to the brain.

The whole internal process only takes a split second to react when the body comes under attack. It is a very interesting process.


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