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The Theory of Macro Evolution is a Religious Belief

Updated on September 12, 2014

Macro- Evolution is a Religious Belief

Now don't get me wrong, I believe we all have the right to believe in whatever religious belief we want to. Therefor I believe if you believe in the macro-evolution religion, then I support your freedom to do so. The problem I have (and you should have too) is saying that this religious belief is a factual science, and then shoving it down everyone's throats as such.

The problem that evolutionists have is they can't scientifically prove their theory of evolution. If they could, it wouldn't be called a theory. Yet, this hasn't stopped them from saying it is a fact and teaching it to our children who now think they are just glorified monkeys. We can see the result in the fruits this has produced in our schools.

Kent Hovind is a brilliant science teacher and Christian man who spent a couple decades doing presentations across America and the world about the falseness of this theory of evolution. He even offered $250K to anyone who could scientifically prove macro-evolution to be true, well no-one ever has. So, it's a religious belief because it can't be proven, so let's stop saying otherwise.

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Theory of Evolution is Dumb and Dangerous

Kent explains in the video below that the theory of evolution is not only dumb, but dangerous. This can be seen throughout modern history as the most evil leaders all believed in macro evolution. These leaders include Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao. Is that just a coincidence, or is does this false theory cause people to rationalize killing people by the millions because of natural selection?

In actuality one of the root problems with all of societies' ills in modern times is the belief that we are simply evolved animals that came from nothing. This has introduced racism to a whole new level of scientific rational. That people look at others as not as evolved as they are, given them rational to kill them and say it's natural selection.

One of the many problems with this dangerous theory is that there is no right or wrong. Who is to say what's right and what is wrong if there is no creator or absolute? Evolutionist would say it's each of us individually that say what is right or wrong. So, what if someone thinks it's right to kill you, are they right or wrong? And how are you explaining your answer?

Truth is evolution is a concocted theory which spawns from the Devil himself. It's no wonder the most evil people in modern history have all believed in this lie. It's also no wonder the most evil people alive today believe in this lie as well while they plan to reduce the population to a level of 500 million evidenced by the Georgia Guidestones.

Anyone who looks at this objectively will conclude that indeed this theory of evolution is dangerous and in fact dumb too.

Kent Hovind

Nietzsche Was A Miserable Evolutionist
Nietzsche Was A Miserable Evolutionist | Source

Kent Hovind's Journey

In 2007 Kent Hovind was sent to prison for some bogus tax charges, he was sentences to 10 years and is still there. He is set to get out in early 2015, and I'm sure will continue to teach that macro-evolution is a lie. We can conclude with deductive reasoning that the reasons he was sentenced to prison was because he was doing damage to the powers to be.

See, the secret societies who have a nefarious agenda for the world, didn't like the damage he was doing against their false theory. Kent doesn't pull any punches and has a brilliant scientific mind that was putting to shame atheist and evolutionist alike through debates and his work.

I think it's quite telling that the government is being run by the same type of people who put the evil regimes into power in the past, as they believe and defend the same lies like evolution. As I said before I don't have a problem with the religious belief of evolution, but teaching our children that this is a fact is called propaganda. We have to ask ourselves why the propaganda? Why is the religious belief of macro evolution being taught in schools and promoted, but the religious belief of creationism being repressed and not encouraged to be taught in public schools?

I challenge anyone believes in the theory of evolution to watch some of Kent Hovind's videos and see for yourself. If you have any integrity at all, you will stop insisting this religion be shoved down everyone's throats as fact, when it can not be proven at all.


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