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The Third Eye EXPLAINED - Secrets of the Pineal Gland

Updated on September 23, 2015

What is the Third Eye?

Have you ever heard of a third eye? Often mentioned in various forms of spirituality, the third eye is said to be our link between the physical and spiritual plane. But what actually is the third eye? Located at the base and center of your brain is a very small, pine cone shaped gland known as the pineal gland. it produces important hormones such as melatonin and DMT. It is also, literally an eye.

Inside a pineal gland you will find vitreous fluid, found only in eyes, and tissues composed of rods and cones. It's not merely a coincidence that for thousands of years people have been calling it a third eye. It actually is one.

What Can your Third Eye See?

Viewing the world with your third eye is a practice that has been done for thousands of years. some people can do it easily, though for some it is much more difficult. A practical demonstration of looking through your third eye can be done by simply using your imagination. When you imagine something you can actually see it can you not? But not with your ordinary eyes. This is vision through your third eye. dreaming is also said to be seen through your third eye, and you can calculate how strong your third eye is based on the detail of your dreams. Do you dream in color? are your dreams full of details? are you a lucid dreamer? These are all signs of a healthy pineal gland.

Not only can our third eyes create virtual environments while we sleep, but it possess the ability to see the energy that reality is composed of. If our regular eyes can decipher light, our third eye can decipher energy and emotion. Intuition, imagination, and creativity have also been scientifically proven to stem from the pineal gland or the third eye.

A healthy third eye is essential for human life. Without it we are a slave to our limited material senses. It is the only physically inherent equipment we have to understand the spiritual and transcend the physical. It has been called a link between worlds. Age old philosophers aptly dubbed it "the seat of the soul". You can find astounding amounts of symbolism acknowledging the pineal gland in dozens of ancient cultures.

Examples of Pineal Gland Symbolism

Egyptian Eye of Horus showing striking similarity to the pineal gland
Egyptian Eye of Horus showing striking similarity to the pineal gland
Staff of Osiris. The pineal gland is named after its pine cone shape, as seen at the top of the stave
Staff of Osiris. The pineal gland is named after its pine cone shape, as seen at the top of the stave
Outside the Vatican, a tribute to the sacred Pineal Gland
Outside the Vatican, a tribute to the sacred Pineal Gland

How to Strengthen your Third Eye

Meditation has long been a key in exercising the third eye. By depriving your material senses and focusing your vision through your third eye, the world as it really is will slowly be revealed to you as well as sensations of love, bliss, and connection to all living things. This effect is, not surprisingly, extremely therapeutic and has been proven to help depression as well as heal brain tissue and increase your creativity and empathy. Believe it or not there is a solid reason why yoga and meditation are so popular right now. Simply put, just like eating and sleeping, meditation is a necessity all humans should observe.

How to Meditate

The practice of meditation is actually very simple, and beginners can practice meditating as little as 10 minutes to achieve positive results. Find a peaceful place to meditate where there is no sound or light pollution. Closets work very well. Sit cross legged and upright while keeping your eyes closed. Now simply try to imagine your body, the space around you, the building your in, and so forth. Make a conscious effort to peer through your Third Eye. If you can, try to forget about your body and be nothing but awareness. Mantra meditation is also very good for your pineal gland and can be done alongside regular meditation. There are many forms of meditation, this is a very basic example.

Closing Words

It is important not only for believers of god but anyone who is human to understand this body and our consciousness are separate. Meditation is a wonderful practice for achieving this realization. With proper practice we can view the universe from the perspective of pure consciousness, not tainted by what our limited senses depict.

The foundation of spiritual life starts at realizing we are not these bodies. so DONT HATE, MEDITATE!


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