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Lucifer created christianity.islam and judaism

Updated on June 27, 2015

Blood lusting gods

I believe in a God. I think she is female, not the gods espoused by the three major religions of the world, those are impostors., for the mere reason alone that they love the smell and sight of human blood. What is in our blood that sent this three major gods of Judaism, Islam and Christianity into a frenzy? Science tells us that it is our our lifeblood. Without blood we are going to perish, therefore to show our loyalty to our respective Gods we should be willing to give up our source of life. Are you sold with that line of reasoning? I am not. Ever since man began to acquire his language skills, begin to walk bipedal, he also begin to look up in the heavens, wondering whatever is out there. Then man begin to live in groups, gatherer, hunter society emerged, and later on would develop into what we now call a civilization. Then men began to worship a God, his God who according to all these three major religions is his creator. For some unexplained logic, he put Lucifer in the garden of his creation, let Lucifer roam, do his own thing, in time a dark plan germinate inside his mind, to turn Eve against his creator. Eve was seduced to eat the fruit from the three of Knowledge, and Eve' discovers the truth of her own genesis. I wonder what is the relationship of the god who created Adam and Eve with Lucifer? If Lucifer is your arch rival enemy or a result of your failed experiment or a rebel, will you allow him inside your premises, where less evolved, less intelligent creatures are residing, so Lucifer can tinker and mess with it?

Eve did not follow the edict of God, her descendants, we are told, are then consigned to become sitting ducks for slaying. Since we are his children we were told that we will continue to pay the price of their sins with our own mortality. We are repeatedly told by these religions, that you and I are nothing but a piece of shit from the day we are born because we carry in our genes or blood the original sins of our parents. I wonder why these three gods then require us to shed blood? To appease their anger, or what? Look, why do these Gods require regular sacrifices of our blood?

Judaism is a hybrid religion extracted from Egypt mixed with Babylonian idolatry, mysticism,divination,necromancy, human sacrifices and sorcery. Judaism requires to kill all the heathens and gentiles that enters their territory or those places they have invaded, which means wild dispersing of non - Judaic human blood.

After sometime the religion of Christianity a hybrid creation of Judaism and the Medici family from Rome. Roman Catholic religion is a brainchild that unites most pagan religions and is a tool use to commit mass genocide during the dark ages for the expansion of the Roman Empire and to unite all converts in one fold of religion.. The pope who is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman empire have engaged in mass genocide of all non believers of its faith. They invaded many countries in Europe, pillage and looted the wealth of the nobles who refused to submit to their yoke, kill the heretics, and those who refused to abandon their old form of religions. They conquer the new world and kill all the native american Indians who refused to become Roman Catholics. What kind of god do we have here? Clearly this god is obsessed with blood lust and blood bath, am I right?

If I am an all knowing, omnipotent, all present powerful God...I will not let my name be implicated,nor be connected , nor be tied up and neither I will allow the Roman Catholic Church to use my name as their front slogan for their religion, assuming I am a true god named Jesus Christ, right?
This religious organization is guilty of pedophilia and the church cover it up for many centuries. Many convent grounds in Europe and in South America have been dug up and it showed the mute testimony of the atrocities committed by their religious members. A multitude of skeletons of aborted fetuses and newborn babies buried beneath, to hide what happened behind closed doors, nuns impregnated by priests. I will refrain from tackling morality issues here, humans are sexual creatures, and it is only natural they will mate even if the church forbids them to act on their lusts.
Jesus the founder of Christianity, died on the cross to redeem our sins, here we go again, a bloody sacrifice, the ritual shedding of blood. And Christians nowadays, are commanded to be patient, be forgiving, be a martyr, and to embrace their fate of becoming sacrificial goats in times of trials, tribulations to prove their loyalty to their Christian God.
Three hundred years later, another religion was born. This is the wild card religion created for a special purpose, to control both sides of the conflict. Islam is represented by a god who also loves bloody sacrifices. Converts and members are demanded to sacrifice their life and to kill anyone who is a threat to Islam, which is called Jihad or Holy War.
So there you go again, you are being commanded to kill anyone who is a threat to your faith and your beliefs.
The three major religions sprouted from a ONE jealous god, who loves blood lust, blood bath, the shedding of the blood, blood sacrifice to appease his anger, to show your loyalty and obedience to him,, for forgiveness of the sins and for redemption of your soul....right?

But if you will kill a man today, right outside your own home, tell me if you will not be charge with murder, and even if you acted in self defense you will still have to undergo the process of trial in court to prove your innocence or to justify your actions.

Religion absolve you of murdering your brethren, in defense of your faith. It is a legalized form of murder.

Ergo all the three major religions from these three major gods are called vampire gods. Nothing give these gods, a more perverse pleasure than seeing Earthlings killing each other, the more bloody the war is, the more they require more blood to shed.

I think Earth is a grand repository of the creation of the Goddess, and the earliest form of Humans are its appointed guardians, called Namluu's. The original humans are very tall, multidimensional, possess higher consciousness, asexual and telepathic. For some unknown perverse pleasure or delusional obsession, another group came down on Earth and mock the creation of the Goddess, tinker with the grand experiment of the Goddess, twisted it and change the settings. Now we have a patriarchal God that turn everything upside down. I think there are simultaneous universes, or different realities going on at the same time, that can only be access using the right frequencies Like on the programs on telly, there are different channels, but you cannot access them simultaneously, you have to tune in on the right channel called the correct frequency to access that particular channel, but all of those channels exist and operating on simultaneously. I also believe on the probability that our 3D reality is but a projection of our mind and the universe is finite and we are in a hologram according to physics, I also suspected as some proponents of the theory postulated that there are invisible layers of reality or dimensions that can be access using a portal that exists on different regions of Earth along the ley lines called the energy grid. That being said, religion can not alone addressed this issues. On the other hand, like I mentioned earlier about different dimensions of the universe perhaps the so called demons that people purported to have seen and encountered with through the ages of human history might be creatures who inhabit on another dimension of our world which sometimes bleed on our 3D reality, that is why they flicker in and out of our vision..


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