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The Top Three Language Learning Apps for Your Cell Phone

Updated on February 2, 2013

With so many cell phones in the world and most are now "smart" phones, the need for a desktop or even a laptop is diminishing, depending on your use. If you are one who is literally tied to their cell phone like a ball and chain and trying to learn a foreign language, there are three really nice apps to use.

  • Rosetta Stone Totale Online is a subscription that offers unlimited Web and app access to a specific language. It is total immersion and the app is very much like their acclaimed CBT programs. Be prepared to memorize and repeat words and phrases. The cost for a year of access is $300. It is much cheaper than the CBT. Not all android phones can use the app, but all Apple devices can. I have the CBT version and it does work but it requires hours and hours of time over a course of months to get a basic ability.
  • Busuu is handy because you download the lessons first and then access them. This eliminates any need to access the Web. The lessons are photo based, like Rosetta, the lessons are well designed alternating between vocabulary, grammar and listening. I like the concept of downloading the lesson and not having to worry about Web access. The app is free and lessons are $5 each. Available to iOS and Android phones.
  • Duolingo is totally free. Lessons combine vocabulary and grammar with quizzes. The app is mostly text. It does require Web access.


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