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The Triangle Subconscious Mind

Updated on April 1, 2012

Welcome Readers!

This blog is for my readers who are thirsty to learn more about the human mind and behaviors. First thing is psychology and human behavior go together like an outfit. The subconscious mind isn't just made up. It doesn't just talk to us when were asleep. When we sleep it uses visual interpretation to speak with us. Although really it is a 24/7 speaking and making decisions chatter box. Now their are THREE main subconscious's. The ID, The EGO, and the SUPER EGO. Some people based on their behaviors and actions are more in tune with one of these way more than the others. Now let me give you a quick breakdown before i explain more in depth what these triangle subconscious are and how they work. The super ego is the strongest out of the three. It doesn't mean we always listen to it, sometimes hardly ever, but it is are strongest subconscious regardless. The ego and the id are the two most listened too. Although they all can battle each other and one reins supreme, sometimes two can team up. Like the id and the ego, when this happens they become stronger than the super ego. Cancelling it out. Interesting huh? Well now i will briefly explain each one and how it works. Then i will explain why and how the triangle works. READY LETS GO! :)

The Id

For those of you who are wondering where this comes from Sigmund Freud is the father of this. Now when you think of the Id think of "I want, therefore I am." The Id is made up of urges, desires, and impulses. It can be so strong that it can overpower you. The Id contains all of our most basic animal and primitive impulses that demand our satisfaction. Religious people will say it is the little devil sitting on your shoulder, who is whispering and tempting you to do as you please. Children at certain ages are slaves to the Id. When you see a child demanding a toy they want and is throwing a temper tantrum to get it, that is the Id in full swing. Now lets not give the Id a bad rap here. Where would humans be without the Id? We would have no desires, nothing to push us to have fun. We be VERY boring people. Simple.


The Ego

Wouldn't it be nice to have what we wanted whenever we wanted and however we wanted it? Well most of know that this unrealistic but try telling that to our Id's. The ego's main function is deal with the Id's demands and reality. The ego takes the ideas of the Id and rationalize's them to make them realistic. It takes the Id's ideas and makes them socially and realistic possible. It acts like a sports agent. It hears the demand and looks at the cost of it. Then comes up with a reasonable plan to make it possible that won't cost us so much in the future. One of the main functions of the ego is looking at the cost and seeing how it will work for us in the long run. Even though the ego does battle with the Id at times, satisfaction is not abandoned. The ego uses converting, diverting, and transforming the Id's demands into a useful and acceptable fashion that achieves our satisfaction. The ego milks the honey out of the hive of the Id's ideas. Without the ego it would be very hard for us to come up with ideas that make sense. The bad side of the ego? Well the ego tends to be very cocky. It typically doesn't listen to outside influence. When you think of the ego think of "It's my way or the highway." The ego doesn't like to be proven wrong, it holds the title of my reasoning is supreme and that's the bottom line (even though it is not always so). Without the ego though we wouldn't be able to sort out our pleasures and desires to reality.

The Superego

Now as if the ego's job ins't hard enough being a referee for the Id's demands and reality. The ego is under constant pressure from the superego. It judges the ego's performance. When you think of the superego think of A judge. It expects the ego to be strong and effective in the struggle for balancing the Id's demands. When the superego doesn't agree it will often make itself known. That little tiny voice in your head that says "DON'T DO THAT OR DON'T GO THAT WAY" that is always right. Religious people will say it is god's voice speaking to you. The superego is never wrong in its judgement. Simply because it is like a judge and weighs out everything very quickly and makes a determination. It is most often considered the parental guide inside of. The superego is most related to parenting because that is how it works. It tells you the right thing to do and is very harsh on us when we don't listen and do wrong.

The Triangle

Now lets look at all three in an triangle form. The superego would be at the bottom and the Id and ego on the left and right sides. Each of them are connected. Even with the constant conflict without either one we would be in very bad shape. Now i told you before the ego and Id sometimes team up on the superego. I will give you an example now. The Id wants to go out and have some fun after a long hard week. The ego says fine lets go to a low key remote bar. The superego says no lets stay home and finish working so next week were not behind. The ego and Id reject the idea of more work and no fun. So they work together and agree to have fun. You decide to go out with friends drinking at a local bar. In this case the Id and Ego now overpowered the superego. Now next week your behind in work and have to take a day off because your friend went wild and got everyone arrested. The superego now tells you see i told you not to go now look at this mess. Now we have to work double time. Next time be smarter. That little mean voice is the superego punishing the Id and the ego for disobeying. Now lets use an example of when we listen to the superego over the Id and Ego. Lets say you took the bus to the wrong stop and have no idea where you are. The Id says I'm not walking all that way back to town! The ego says lets just find a bus stop and wait for the bus to come back around. The superego says no lets just walk straight back the way we came it will be faster than waiting for the bus to come. Plus we will reach our stop faster. The ego says I don't know the bus might not take too long plus we can be comfortable. The Id says what if your wrong and we get lost if we walk? You decide to listen to the superego and walk straight. You reach your stop plus you saved yourself 20-30 minutes. Your Id becomes shocked and happy your finally there. Your ego says lets just get home. Your superego says told you so. Funny huh? Now lets look at if we listen to ego. Your in a clothing store because you need to buy two new shirts and pants for work. You find what you need. Then your Id says oh wow look at that outfit we will be all the rage at work if we wore that! Plus we will rock that outfit! Your ego says okay lets look at the price. Your superego says we got what we need lets just pay and leave. You check the price and its out of your budget. Your Id says WE HAVE TO HAVE IT! Everyone will praise us if we do! The superego groans and says it is not worth it, we have what we came for. The ego thinks hard. Then says lets put one outfit back and we should have enough for it. Then you go to pay and even though you put the other clothes back you still don't have enough. The Id says LETS JUST GET THIS OUTFIT FORGET THE OTHER ONE! The superego says no! were already over budget lets just put it back and get what we had before. The ego thinks. Then says okay we will get this outfit then go to a cheaper store and get another one. This ever happen to you before? Then the next store doesn't have nothing you can use and regret just not putting the expensive outfit back? Well blame the ego. Now lets look at when you rely on your Id for decision making. You see someone who catches your eyes. (man or woman) Your Id says Wow lets talk to that hot stuff! The ego says We don't even know if they realize we are alive. Lets wait for a sign. The superego says just focus on what your doing and if they like us they will speak to us. The person's eyes catches yours. The face is friendly. Your Id says Get over there NOW! Your ego says okay lets play it cool and slide over there and make conversation. The superego says do you really have time for distractions? You get up and go over there. Even though you intended to play it cool, you end up telling that person exactly how much they excite you and want to get to know them more. (meaning sexually) You come off aggressive. Depending on the person you can fill out the rest of the story. But for this blog purpose lets say you find someone who easily doesn't mind having sexual pleasure with you. (You both end up having sex) The Id is now satisfied, while the ego is saying well we could have at least got their number first. The superego says how shameful and now we have to leave to finish our work. Shame. Well if you been there done that you know things happen right? Well blame the Id for those happenings. Now I bet you maybe wondering can't they ever just get along? Can't they ever work together? YES. They can and when they do when achieve ultimate happiness. We achieve whatever we wanted. Like the saying goes you can do anything if you put your mind to it. True, when you put the three aligned together your unstoppable. Need an example? Well here is one. You want to buy a new house for your family. Its your dream house so to speak. Your Id says I NEED THIS HOUSE. Your ego says well lets start saving and working extra hard to make it happen. Your superego says when have enough money and switch over everything we need and plan out how to do this it is possible. So you start saving, working harder, then when your on downtime you start searching the area and getting idea of what is around there. You plan out how you can balance your life their. So finally after all that you move to your dream home. This is an example of balancing the triangle. You fulfilled the Id's wants, the ego, and the superego. This is where you go to place of complete happiness.


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    • Mistressoflove profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Rhode Island

      Thank you LailaK. :)

    • LailaK profile image


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Your hub is amazing!!! I love the examples you used! You know, I studied this around five times and it never stayed intact in my mind, but now I feel that I can go around and understand exactly what's going on in my brain. Phenomenal! Well done and voted up!


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