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The True Spiritual Man

Updated on February 18, 2015

Universal Consciousnesses

A Mind Not in Tune with its body and self is like a car that has no steering wheel.

The spirit wants only one thing….to connect with its source, and every human being owes that to his spirit to connect, thus give what the spirit needs and he shall likewise give what your body needs, a state of perfect balance, natural, easy, comfortable, peace…suddenly the day will seem brighter for you, food becomes tastier and more appetizing, everything changes, nice and very good.

When you are aligned and in the present moment you are commandeering the ship to your desired direction without the interference of earthly issues, problems, technicalities. It’s a whole new world and things and everything listens and obeys you, the perfect world!

Everything that is seen or unseen is completely connected together with man, and this can be seen physically.

The vital day to day program to be operating under is the happy program; be happy in whatever you do and do not complain, don’t not be absent-minded and it shall work well. Notice the problems of the day. Let them be what they are, clouds and your days shall be full of plenty and fresh harvest because you got back to living with the UNIVERSE.

It should be about your present moment, doing what you love at this moment, being yourself at this moment, talking and laughing at this moment, sharing love at this moment, smiling at this moment, singing or dancing at this moment. Because it is only at this present moment that we can change tomorrow and in so doing, the magic of the day takes course.

The Truth about us

The truth of the matter is that we, Human Beings have been created in a very sophisticated, intricate and unique way, that not only has evolution assisted in the making but also in the design and connectivity made thereof, we stand as the missing link to the whole of creation and only one real reason for what we are doing on earth, and why everything is the way it is.

We are ultimately the sons of the most high.

It even gets better, man's ability as his father son to create life out of nothing runs within and can be seen in the present age where man is working hard to make his stay comfortable on this downtrodden dark place called Earth. The first curse definitely brought about death and darkness but was revoked when the Master came. so in real essence we are all saved from the wiles, sufferings of the earth because we were freed 2000 years ago and what is happening is a repeat actually going on in our mind....Did you know you can re-live one moment of your life, throughout your entire life?? over and over that at the end of it all it creates fear, and fear is resolved by building walls and boundaries, and with continual re-living the one moment, you end up creating a character that is on a self destruct mode within yourself, and then bad things start to happen.

We are here to live, but what is living if not but sharing? without which we finish ourselves.

Humans - Fq.Machines

We as humans are pure resonators and vibration machines that vibrate at a certain frequency, the frequency of the creator, in addition we, human beings, male and female can also vibrate to other frequencies that are within the universe (Or at range) – it is just a matter of listening and tuning in, accepting the frequency sound to fill you up with itself.

Another fact is that behind every feeling of any emotions, there is a frequency associated with it so in real sense you can decide to choose what to vibrate or resonate to, or alternatively, you can choose to be happy, thereby automatically activating the frequency associated with the emotion of happiness.

If you choose pain, frustration, anger,self pity, then you automatically resonate that frequency associated with these ills and woe unto him that chooses to curse himself on broad daylight!

The trick with living daily and as per present moment is:

Do not allow your emotions to run wild, they can be controlled easily, and the mind can be defeated in it’s attempt to keep you on a survival auto pilot system, which is not good for anyone at all, and this mind uses past experiences as a way to get you to forget your present moment, thereby reliving the same emotions of pain, anger, frustration, over and over, keeping you absent from your true self.

This destructive system has integrated in the human society up until now and a huge population blindly follow without any idea why it is this way so it’s the high time to wake up from the slumber, otherwise we all die from absenteeism of our own true selves.


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