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The Truth About Pain and Long-suffering

Updated on February 4, 2018
Amanda Abbott profile image

Self-taught entrepreneur, website designer, writer, editor, a self-published author, director and computer genius with an imperfect life!

More About This Article:

This article will change your point of view completely after you read it. If it doesn't, then you read it all wrong!

Let The Brainwashing Begin

It’s no question that smoking is bad for you. Everyone knows that truth, even the smokers themselves know that. I understand we all have addictions that we need to keep going in this world. I’ve even smoked before. I have studied addictions of every kind and have noticed that the reason why people have addictions is that someone said, “You’re not good enough” or something along those lines and made them believe it. None of that is true. I don’t see a screw-up or someone as worthless. I have studied a lot about all addictions. Voice of experience, addictions only exist because the media has made us believe we need them to survive.

I was taught about moderation as well. Some things in life are too destructive to be moderately used. My main focus in this article will be how to get away from all kinds of negative behaviors without treatment of any kind. I will also underline other issues and why none of them should be taken lightly.

This Is How The Media Brainwashes Us Because We Feed Them: They Bankrupt Us Mentally And Emotionally So They Can Get What They Want - Our Dignity And Motivation

Smoking Etc.:

With any addiction, the user already knows it’s bad for them. They don’t do it to hurt others. They are trying to hurt themselves because they don’t like themselves. If they did like themselves, they wouldn’t be using. Interventions and rehab centers are pointless because they teach the addict nothing other than “this is bad for you, why it is bad, it leads to jail, don’t do it.” Yes, they all know this already. It’s a cry for help. They want people to listen. No one is. No one is taking the time to talk to the person. Don’t talk to them about your addiction. Show them genuine support in who they are and not what they’re doing. If you take them to a park, out to a movie or any other event anytime they want a fix then you will be doing them a justice because then a positive activity will be their drug. It is a good drug that they had a lack of growing up.

Eventually, the person won’t feel like a burden and be willing to improve the quality of their own lives. Everyone’s life has quality.

How The Media Makes Us Believe We Need To Stay Poor In Order To Thrive While They Get Rich Off Our Misery Because Apparently We Are Nothing Without Them

We Have All Been Abused By The Media:

People naturally seek attention because they never received the proper attention growing up. A lot of us have gone through this. People have an addiction to bad food, homosexuality etc. because of lack of attention (lack of attention that most likely came from the parents. We are fooled by the idea that if we change ourselves completely then others will like us more and we’ll get the attention we have always wanted. If someone makes you feel like you need to change completely in order to be liked then they’re the one that needs to change, not you! The truth of the matter is though, the person that is treating you badly needs just as much love and attention as you do. They may deny it and try to be strong. But, we are all weak when it comes to the needs of attention and love. Not one person should ever have to live without either.

Obsessions are a huge addiction issue that can get totally out of hand if it is not taken seriously in the first place. I understand I am looked at as an obsessed fan, but if I was truly an obsessed fan I’d be creating fan websites, researching global celebrity gossip and following celebrities all over Hollywood to interview them about their future jobs or just publicize it on my website. I would only care about their whereabouts if I was a director and wanted to cast them in my upcoming film. But, you’ve got have the clearances in order to set up a meeting with any celebrity for an interview. Otherwise, you are just a fan. You can’t just go in and say, “Yes, I am a huge fan. Is Hugh Jackman free for an interview?” It doesn’t work that way. That’s why celebrities have people protecting them. Their fan could try to get more than an interview. Look what happened to John Lennon! Security has cracked down more on all high-profile celebrities since.

Again, the fans are looking for love and attention. If people were more caring to everyone regardless of how they are viewed online, the things they say, or their financial status then I truly believe John Lennon would still be alive today.

I also understand that things happen a certain way for a reason. It’s the reason certain things exist such as the Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, pedophiles exist, satanic worship, anti-Christian protests, rape, abortion, race wars, flag burning, rebelling, sex offenders, drug dealing, shootings, terrorist attacks, bullies, child abuse, domestic violence, addictions, homosexuality, gay pride, hardcore Christianity, Christianity protests, scientology, racism, kkk, nazis, anti-black, anti-white, white supremacy, anti-cops, anti-military, suicides, lawsuits, harassment, murders, raids, slavery, and so much more are alive and well and thriving in all our hearts. But, there is good news! It can all be stopped. It doesn’t need another activist campaign to be organized in order for it to start. We don’t need a call to action. We can start it right now.

Think of it as a pay-it-forward way of life. Instead of discrediting people for being gay, straight, bi, addicts, black, white, American, Mexican, British, French, Russian, Japanese, men, women, young, old, transgender, have you ever tried seeing them as the person they were born as and love them for that reason? Expect them before they think they change their gender or their sexual preference. Don’t see them as the person they want to be. See them as the person they already are.

We were all made this way for a reason. We weren't created this way to have people tear us down because they don’t agree with it, so we’ll change so they can like us. Let’s continue being us just to show ourselves how amazing we can be without someone else’s acceptance or approval because their opinion doesn’t matter. The positive approval from someone who genuinely cares is all we need. We need positive interactions with one another. Anything less than that is not worth our time.

I know we all have pain in our hearts. Well, there’s something we can do to change it. Think about this, if people approve of you as a woman when you were born a man, why didn’t they approve of you as a man in the beginning? That’s who you were originally so why not love you then? You made a drastic change to be appreciated when the truth is you didn’t appreciate yourself because that other person or people saw you as worthless. You didn’t need that garbage in your life. It was destructive.

I Received This Email From Dominic A While Back Because He Refused To Admit That He Was Guilty Of Anything So He Put The Blame Solely On Me As If I Gave Him No

Just because he's never been respected in his life, doesn't mean that disrespecting others is the way for him to go! Yes, we, myself included are guilty of this!
Just because he's never been respected in his life, doesn't mean that disrespecting others is the way for him to go! Yes, we, myself included are guilty of this! | Source

Contains Actual Events:

Let me tell you a story:

A young Midwestern girl was taught by her parents that she was never good enough, so her automatic thought was, “I’m not good enough as a girl. My mom doesn’t want me to have kids, she says I never finish anything I start. Maybe I like girls or maybe I should’ve been born a boy. What boy would want me anyhow?” She struggled with this for years. Her mother was the huge reason why she disliked herself as a young girl. Anytime she wrote stories about herself with a boy, her mother told her it was wrong, disgusting, a sin that was going to put her into hell if she put those ridiculous ideas into her head.

Then one day, one of her friends told her to go see a movie with her because at the time she had a controlling fiancé who made her cling to him like a magnet or else. He didn’t beat her physically, but mentally, emotionally and sexually he was king (again, we all have our own pain).

So, the night with one of her friends she broke away from her boyfriend for three hours to go see Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The movie was the small part of what turned this now woman’s perspective around completely.

It was now a different night from what was previously described, “Look at the guy who plays Merry”, her friend suggested. She did. Some may laugh, but from that moment on, she saw herself and the world with new eyes. She began having respect for herself as a girl for the first time ever. She had more confidence in herself as a person. She almost felt invincible. She was inspired to write more. Her insight increased significantly and rapidly. She craved learning more about business. She felt confident enough to take a class on business at a tech college in her city. Her mother crushed her dreams once she realized she was trying to get to Los Angeles to get into acting and was accumulating money to go there. Her mother kept telling her she’d have to fly there which she was afraid of and that she was never going to make enough money to do so because it’s very expensive to live there.

The new Lost television series was on the air and at this time, Dom and Evangeline were together. The woman was stuck in the Midwest with the thought that she needs to be on meds because she wanted something better for herself that her own mother didn’t believe she could ever achieve. Her mother taught her how to enjoy the minimum wage jobs and live in a community home with other people whose parents convinced them of that very same thing. Then one day, she met a man not knowing that he was the male version of her mother.

In 2013, after filing for divorce and the losing parental rights to two kids, I had had enough. I was still living under my mother’s thumb. I was going to L.A. Flying didn’t bother me anymore. Nothing bothered me anymore. I was writing without censorship, (I had been censored long enough) and I knew what I needed. Now in 2018, I am a published author now and I continue to be bullied from all aspects including online, by my mother and others. Yet, all I did was realize I am meant to be with a man and that I am happy to be a woman, but I get beaten up over it day in and day out. Yes, I know what an obsessed fan is. I used to be one. I stayed home 24/7 and watched TRL considering myself the Backstreet Boys #1 fan. I got angry when they were beaten by N’Sync or when anyone tried to convince me N’Sync was better than them. I’d get angry and hold my ground by insulting people for their beliefs. I never once threatened to hurt someone because they hit on a particular celebrity because secretly I believed no one else could have them, but me. I was an obsessed fan. I was infatuated with Jordan Knight, Kevin Richardson, and A.J. McLean.

Since I saw who Dominic Monaghan is, I have seen the person I used to be before Dom was in the picture. I don’t want to be that person anymore. Dominic helped me to grow into a woman. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore just because they don’t understand who I am. He’s always going to have fans, but I worry about certain ones because I know better now why you need to treat others with respect. I have mistreated others because I was mistreated by others throughout my life. It was wrong of me. I should’ve been nicer regardless of how I was treated. I still get mad because I am a very passionate person. I have no ill intentions toward anyone. Yes, I have bullies, we all do. We have all been bullies too. But we need to stop being bullies just because no one truly understands our pain and our experiences. We can’t blame everyone for our pain expecting them to understand us completely. Others (such as the media) trick us into thinking we need to prove who we are and how important we are. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. We should already know that in our hearts. We don’t need to riot, trash others, scream and be jerks to others just because we dislike ourselves so much. It doesn’t make us feel any better. In fact, at the end of the day, it just makes us feel worse, so we take it out on everyone. The thing is, we are all guilty of this junk. We all have different experiences for a reason and we all just need to get along regardless of what our past experiences were. Let’s rise above the mess we were taught. We don’t need to do this to just show others we can. We need to do this because it needs to be done. We are all people with pain and we all need to rise above our pain and past issues. Because we’re all better than that!

Just because one man or one woman mistreated you doesn’t mean all men or women are going to mistreat you. But, on the flip-side don’t expect to be treated well by everyone. Just be nice to people regardless of what your views are. We are all guilty of that, myself included.

Not All People Hurt Everyone And Not Only Women Get Hurt Either, The Media Just Wants You To Think That. From A Woman's Standpoint, Why Blame Every Man Simply B


Examples And A Scenario:

Here is how to talk to someone who is venting about what is going on in their lives. We all need to respond this way, myself included.

The wrong way to handle a situation:

Person 1: I am so upset. I really love this guy, but nothing works. I know he cares. But, this all seems one-sided.

Person 2: You’re obsessed, and you need to realize that you’re harassing him. You need to leave him alone. He doesn’t like you. Move on and get some professional help.

The right way to handle a situation:

Person 1: I am so upset. I really love this guy, but nothing works. I know he cares. But, this all seems one-sided.

Person 2: How are you doing? I have a question. Why do you like this guy so much?

Person 1: There’s no real way to explain it properly unless you’ve had the same experience I have.

Person 2: I am having trouble understanding because I have never personally experienced what you have. It is beyond my understanding. I just see him as an actor. Please try your best to explain it to me.

Scenario: Let’s say you are on a city bus or train. Instead of worrying why they look different or appear odd, try talking to them as if they are just like anyone else. I know it’ll be going a little out of your comfort zone in the beginning, but in the end, you could surprise yourself. We spend too much underestimating who we really are as people and who others are as well because the media feeds us their garbage convincing us we are weak. We already believe that, but you are wrong! The media is the enemy. I believe it is called fake news now, huh?

More About Pain And Long-suffering:

The thing is, we should already know the right way to talk to someone. We just refuse to do it because we feel the entire world should suffer because we suffered greatly. Now look at the world around you and try to convince yourself that it’s O.K. If you still believe it is, then you have low expectations of you truly are. Let me tell you something right now. You’re better than that!

Further Reading! For your information, putting a restraining on someone in order to tame them so you can treat them as you choose is just treating them the same way they were used to growing up. They were pushed away all their lives because others saw them as a danger to society as well. They are used to being mistreated. So just give them yet another reason to not trust someone and hate themselves even more. That is why suicide is so high today. People don’t take the time to treat people like people anymore. Dominic Monaghan, you’re better than that!

Again, The Media Makes Us Believe That If We Stay Stagnant Thinking It's O.K. Because There Is No Way Out Of Any Mess

Pain Doesn't Show On The Outside: True Pain Comes From Within

We always try to hide our pain by putting on a show.
We always try to hide our pain by putting on a show. | Source
We make ourselves appear happy when the truth is that we're dying on the inside.
We make ourselves appear happy when the truth is that we're dying on the inside. | Source

Rise Above How The Media Sees You!

"You're Better Than That!"

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    • Amanda Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Meredith McLarty 

      13 months ago from Sioux City, IA

      I'm sorry a lot of you don't understand this article or believe you have any worth in this world. I believe that you all are better than that. I'm sorry that your expectations of yourself are so low. You must think I'm putting you all down. No wonder why you aren't getting anything out of this article. Do you need someone to talk to? I'm here for you if you just need someone to listen.


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