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The Universe Conspiring

Updated on March 26, 2011

We stay connected to the people in our lives for as long as our souls are nourished from the experience.”

One warm autumn Sunday afternoon in October 1996, I sat alongside the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia reading a wonderful book about fulfilling your destiny. A man drove up in his expensive car and got out with several slices of white bread. I thought, he is too well dressed and sophisticated looking to be out here just to feed the geese.

He crumbled the bread and tossed some of it into the river and some on the ground. And he waited. He then went to his car and came back with a large loaf of bread. He crumbled a few slices into small pieces and scattered them all around him. Within moments, a flock of Canadian geese converged upon the bank and surrounded him to devour the bread. The man was completely enthralled in the wonder of how he had summoned these beautiful creations of the Universe. They came specifically because he had something for them and in turn, they gave him something.

I spoke with the man and he told me how much he enjoyed feeding the geese. He was knowledgeable of the keenness of their eyesight to spot the bread in the water from a great distance. He spoke of an island farther up the river where there were a large number of the geese. He said that he came to the river often to feed them and to marvel at their beauty.

I observed a very simple depiction of how we are connected to everything of the universe. We connect when we have a need to connect. The man drew the geese to him in much the same way that we draw people to us. We stay connected to the people in our lives for as long as our souls are nourished from the experience. We are to enjoy a certain way, person or thing, come to understand its or their purpose in our life, learn from the experience, then be willing to let go when the time comes.

"Their very ‘being’ is specific in how the Universe conspires to give what is needed to sustain the existence of all its creations."

When it came time for the man to move further into the present of the day, the geese did not beg him to stay or follow him for more food. He did not try to take one of them home with him because he could not let go of how good it felt interacting with them. He fulfilled their need to feed, and the geese fulfilled his desire to experience beauty in its essence at that specific moment in his day.

When he left, by my count, 40 geese had descended on the bank of the river for us all to enjoy. People stopped and just stared at their splendor. A young girl wanted to touch them. An Irish Setter, frolicking in play with its master, stopped and was captivated by their presence. The geese were the center of attention, simply, existing in the natural beauty of their creation.

After awhile, everyone went back to other things. Some of the geese flew back to their island. But, they will come again and again to feed from the ‘heart’ of someone that needs or desires to experience the magic of their presence. Their very ‘being’ is specific in how the Universe conspires to give what is needed to sustain the existence of all its creations.


© 1996 Shar'Ron Mahaffey
Reprinted by Permission
"Reflections of You® Journal" (ISSN 1087-4062)
December 1996, Volume 1 Issue 3


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