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Truth about The University of Phoenix - Not Fake but a Legitimate Option!

Updated on March 20, 2015

There has been a lot of buzz over the innovative style of online education and degree courses by the University of Phoenix. To start off, University of Phoenix received a whopping funding aid of $1.8 Billion in the year 2004-05. This is more than any other US university in terms of the total federal student financial aid. The fact regarding why people are so mad and spreading rumours regarding this university being fake is that it does have a regional accreditation and it's courses are highly overpriced. Furthermore, the courses here are kind of expensive because of which people end up in heavy debt and if that is not matched by a high profile job placement, people get frustrated and complain about the university.

There have been claims by people who state that they won't hire any individual who in his resume has listed a degree course from university of Phoenix. They justify this by expressing that the learning in a UOP student is very low, it's like any individual can have a direct degree from UOP by virtue of high fees paid by him/her. The point of difference arises in the quality of education provided by UOP and other conventional universities. If someone's aim is to reach a conventional graduate school then the value addition by University of Phoenix credits may not be satisfactory, however; if someone's purpose is a terminal bachelor's degree, he can quite happily go to UOP, but having said that, for the same course, the value addition by other conventional institutes would be much more. The thing is that, UOP is not a false institute but neither it is a very good option for people with very high educational intentionals.

The UOP claims itself to be among the premier top-notch educational institutes who provide great value education to working adults. In one the MBA schools of this university, the instructors were part-time assigned real life professionals from the business world. This is among the main reason responsible behind the accused low value education in UOP. Since, the instructors are part-time hired real life business professionals, they are generally not inclined towards imparting real education to sudents, the fact is that, they are not concerned. Also, the feeback provided on student assignments was not very minimal. It is like an apparent teaching thing according to some individuals who were not happy with the University of Phoenix.

Now, having said above things, the ultimate truth is that UOP is fully accredited university offering solid programs and courses. It is a totally legitimate university, however; it is less respected as compared to other conventional options. When it comes to price, no doubt there are more costly than community college but on the other hand, it is less costly than schools like Harward. There are people who have got career booms and well settled careers after attending and completing its courses, while there are contrary cases as well. So, it's up to you too choose the best option considering your educational, career goals and economic prospects.


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