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The Vision for Spiritual Realm 5 According to Orion

Updated on May 8, 2016

Revision/Addendum #1:

First text: Revive small businesses. Large chain owners should buy from sari-sari stores. Since this is foremost in ordinary man's mind, commerce:Have the clans of big time mall chain owners exercise love and humility by buying stuff from "small-time" sari-sari stores (possibly, veranacular for CA, USA "liquor store", community bakeshops, laundries, etc.).

Last video: Celebration: Jesus has made his appearance to Divine, in human form, in humble blue tees and white undersole sneakers.

WIP bin item. This blog is a work-play in progress (WIP) for completion possibly after meditation then breakfast, here at God's paradise Jolli*ee by the apolyptic eucalyptus tree.

Orion's View of Spiritual Realm 5
Orion's View of Spiritual Realm 5 | Source


I am supposed to introduce Orion and Quirinus. The thing is, I am not well-versed with hierarchies and so may come off as offensive to Someone.

God made the introduction for me.

(me is the one who types this blog/hub/article.)

Orion is a constellation of stars with about 55 quintillion stars to its ownership, as detectable by the strongest telescope so far invented. I found Orion talking to my Inner Child one time. He explained to Inner Child that I was not being attacked by the devil/evil (i.e., which has been converted into nothing with Christ’s Resurrection). Both the delicate and disturbing (in magnitude) impulses that Inner Child was sensing on my epidermis were actually electrically charged impulses this time, to rejuvenate and immortalize the me-body/Inner Child.

Me: Whoa!

Orion: (Addressing me) This has been and is being done gently upon your request.

Me: Yes, I remember having requested Ama (God the Father Almighty, through my dearly departed beloved) that I don’t want scary stuff because I live alone. It’s scary to be alone and spooked off.

Quirinus (Q):

We understood you never had a physically present Teacher who can assist you with your spiritual transformation, Divine, so we made all the necessary adjustments and arrangements to make you aware/unaware of Us as gently as possible:

  • Dreaming of Songs such as Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi, Every Step You Take
  • Dreaming of key words, such as Dolphin, Aspects of Time, Snowflakes
  • Positive symbols wherever you go … Your favorite numbers, your scores in examinations, which remind you of the Powerful His Love
  • Pinching your nose when you go to sleep, which to you felt scary, so we had to stop him.
  • Now you know that tickling on your ribs … him.

Long, long, long story it seems. It all seems like a dream that actually started when you were a child wishing to be a nun in love with … Him.

And then came him: 1967


him: 1993 Ehem daw. (Vernacular for clearning the throat)

him: 2003 Karmungeon. (In the vernacular, BeniTuko)

him: 2016 Panutsa. (Vernacular for Crude Sugar)

many others in between … Haaay. This is getting to be too private to be of comfort. Anyway

me: My thought was the objective of this hub is to use the observations I make in daily life to make definitions of the what-is as compared to what’s next---Orion’s Vision.

Is this correct?

Q: Yes. Go.

Orion: My main input is that I will give each of God’s children, men and women of good will, transitioning from Spiritual Realm Level 4 to Level 5. I will give them their hopes and dreams. You, Divine, need to provide Everyone the affirmation as much as is humanly possible. For example, in your daily going-about in your community, which you have called “converted by God to His Playground on Earth” or “Heaven on Earth.”

(po – vernacular honorific)

Me: Yes, po. Will do. Thanks. I just need to be reminded and I know I will be because of the godly companions of men and women Everywhere of Good Will.

Q: I leave you to Orion.

Me: I know You are aware of the myth-buster blog/hub/article that I have previously written (i.e., “Ang Alamat ng Lahing Tagalog” (Heavenly Battle Realms)”).

What it was is about how the Tagalog race can/did help the World transition from the old paradigm based on separation and the scarcity mentality.

Orion: Since we know what went wrong in the past and applied the fix, we can now give the Children back their dreams. Is this what you want, Divine?

Me: Yes po.

I rode the pedicab the other day and the driver and I talked some. I had mentioned that since he is very industrious, most likely, he will be able to save. From the savings, he can move on from being in the pedicab driving business he currently is, for example, to the karinderia (vernacular for an establishment selling cooked food) business.

He had mentioned about his dream of someday having a brand new car. So I affirmed that from his lucrative karinderia business, he may indeed end up buying that brand new car. “God gives us what we need,” I added, especially if you have children, you will need a car to ferry them to/fro school and out of town trips.

Orion: “Your wish is my command.” This has been written through Abraham on Esther Hick’s book.

If they, people all over the world, align to Your paradigm of Love, Abundance, Completion, Unity … Their wish is My command.

I will literally be at their command because those same electrical impulses that your epidermis and sometimes your you-know-what is feeling …

Eventually, Everyone will be feeling this on the condition that they align with US. … Love, Abundance, Completion, Unity … Joy, Love and Peace and Prosperity. All these are Every One’s for the taking.

Because that impulse that we give you is much like an electrical switch that you can turn on. Turn the power on by calling God’s Name, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit if you wish. When your wish comes true, remember my Name, Orion.

There are named stars in Orion. Up to you to claim your star! This is what fascinates stargazers all over the world, amateur and professionals alike.

Now, if you don’t have a binocular, simply take your child out to watch the night sky, look for the brightest star … Maybe they will understand who Orion is. I am He who has the 3 stars in my belt.

Do not be afraid that God will be angry if you remember my Name. God has put His Soul into Everything in your Universe, Great and Small. He reveres you for revering the lowly carabao grass.

Me: Sometimes it’s really hard to believe the myth-busting thingee and stuff. It’s like those old ideas have become real. It’s like God is sooo Up There and man is so low down here … and anything that he says can be held against him.

God: I will cover for All Your Deficiences. You weren’t able to introduce Quirinus and Orion, both groups of great Souls and Spirits, at the beginning of this article but

Before you even were able to utter a word, I have uttered the right words for You.

Be Ye not afraid. I AM. Your Almighty Love.

Me: I have the sensation of a head ache towards the back of my crown, lower left.

God: You are in the Presence of Great Energy or Spirits, Divine. Your me-body, the Inner Child senses this but since this whole spiritual transformation thingee has began, Inner Child has become more and more familiar with these sensations.

She was feeling strange with the electrical impulses and each time, when those all started, I had to assure Her, “Ako ang Bathala, Ako ang Bahala (vernacular for God will take care of it.)”

Now, it’s almost as if she’s getting more and more used to it. Gently, gently, like Mother Earth, we will help Inner Child transition.

Me: I feel scared, Ama.

God: You’ll be fine. Just remember to own up to your feelings, be responsible for what you can (i.e., Stephen Covey’s Circle of Influence vs Circle of Concern). Speak (i.e., even at least admitting it to yourself quietly if there’s some risk involved) and live your truth, according to Neale Donald Walsh. Define your highest noble ideal of self and live up to it. Redefine your paradigm based on new experiences. E.g. You’ve noticed this, realizing “I didn’t know this could have been a better way of doing this and that, etc.” Trust your integrity.

Trust your feelings. These are messages from Me.

Orion: I will energize Them, your Feelings, to make them more perceptible to you, All of YOU.

Me: Is this the reason why I felt my shadow self making me feel guilty about plying trade in the sacred temple?

God: Not everyone is able to accept and be at peace with their shadow self. Even for you, it will be a challenge. This, like the Sacred, is a task that calls for Humility.

“I don’t know” is a valid answer.

Never entrust your pearls to people you do not trust.

Only God knows.

Only God knows what’s in the hearts of men and women. Do not judge.

It is a story line common in the human race to accuse others when they are missing objects. Let’s refrain from freaking each other out. If a search has been made and the item still cannot be found …

Who knows? It’s been moved from Realm 4 to Realm 5, Heaven on Earth.

Orion: In the end, Everything has been revealed. Even the stars in the heavens knows everyone else’s secrets. This is an important Event (e.g., you have mentioned that even Event has its own soul), for the stars, to know.

This will make possible for Me, Orion, to energize even the Little One’s forgotten dreams. Always, something for everyone. Even the little boy with the gold coins will have his kingdom and his coins.

You, scaredy-cat girl, just admit that you’re such and you’re off to a perfect start!

Me: What does that mean, Orion? Is there something scary again, up ahead?

I’ve already warned whoever will listen that strange things can happen. Well, teleporting is one, is already happening. (It seems to happen whenever I meditate or fall asleep meditating, I dunno.)

Even Panutsa scared me with this teleporting thing. I thought he was St. Lorenzo Ruiz.

I think the grapevine has cascaded this news about teleporting. The Inner Circle knows what-dah-what-dah teleporting thing is all about … A loved one praying, concerned for one’s safety for example could appear through the corner of your eye. You can even see your own childhood self, possibly?

So we need to envision an ideal of a healthy-rejuvenated mature individual even in ages to come. To stand witness to God’s miracle, I need to mention that from a bio-something machine:

“iCare Wellness

Assessment Form

Date: 8 June 2015


Metabolic Age: 30 (years old)”

I was 55 years old then.

God: Ye are gods.









According to the book, The Thiaoouba Prophecy, our world (was) in on level 4 as far as spiritual evolution is concerned. The (next) level is 5; the highest is 9, according to the same book, by Michel Desmarquet.


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