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The Water Cycle Poem

Updated on June 7, 2017

I wrote this poem as part of a Kindergarten unit on the water cycle. We used it as the opening number in our end of the year performance entitled "It's Raining Kindergartners!". Besides learning and reciting the poem, our 4 Kindergarten classes used cloud, sun, raindrop, and river props to "act out" the poem's content. Four of the water cycle elements were designated to each class (sun, clouds, rain, and snow). After reciting and acting out the poem (below), each class had a song and poem that featured their element. After each class had performed their "spotlight" act, all students sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as a group. The kids enjoyed performing and the parents loved it!

The Water Cycle Poem

Over the rivers, oceans, and lakes

a bright and happy sun shines.

It coaxes small drops of water away,

which evaporate up to the sky!

They bumpety-bump to form a great lump -

condense into big, fluffy clouds.

Together they grow, heavy and grey,

and loom over us, oh so proud.

"Hey!", says the sun, "I can't see a thing!"

But bigger and darker they grow.

Once little drops - now certainly not -

hinder the sun's friendly glow.

Heavier, heavier, clouds weigh down.

One more second and they'll burst!

So down they fall, as rain, snow, or sleet -

precipitation to quench the ground's thirst.

Now our water cycle is finished...

But never does it end!

It goes round and round, up and down,

for our Earth, waters, and friends.

© 2017 Gabrielle Ivey


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    • MicahI profile image

      Micah 7 months ago from Central Florida

      Very cute poem. Love it! :)