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The Ways That College Football Is Better Than The NFL

Updated on August 3, 2017

Twenty reasons why the college gridiron is superior

1. College football has cheerleaders who actually lead cheers. The NFL has "cheerleaders" who are actually showgirls with pom-poms.

2. College football has marching bands. The NFL brings in marching bands, or plays canned music over the loudspeaker.

3. College players play for the love of the game and their school. NFL players play for the love of their contract.

4. In college, every game counts. In the NFL, you have four games in August that don't.

5. College football has Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno. The NFL has Jerry Jones and Al Davis.

6. College football has TWO teams in Los Angeles. The NFL has none - and the Avengers don't coun't!

7. College football has the Axe, the Old Oaken Bucket, the Little Brown Jug, the Apple Cup, an Egg, and a couple of Victory Bells. The NFL has, well...

8. College football has Renegade, Traveler (being a UCLA Bruin alum, it was hard to admit that), UGA, Bevo, and Ralphie. The NFL wouldn't let them within 100 yards of the stadium.

9. Florida Gator fans don't have to worry about Tim Tebow being traded to the Florida State Seminoles for two defensive linemen and a cornerback to be named later.

10. Notre Dame supporters do not have to worry about Jimmy Clausen holding out of spring practice or fall camp because he wants his contract renegotiated.

11. Number of NFL teams: 32. Number of major college football teams: 66. That's more than double, folks - more than twice as many teams for a fan to follow.

12. Everybody knows "Hail To The Victors" and "Cheer, Cheer, For Ol' Notre Dame". And even "Fight On" (difficult to admit - it's the Bruin in me). Can they say the same for "Hail To The Redskins"?

13. No Personal Seat Licenses in college, thank God!

14. Colleges do not rename their stadiums every few years. How many names have the 49ers' stadium had? No Park or MCI Stadiums in college (again, thank God!).

15. College football players don't get fined $5,000 for wearing their socks too high or for tucking in their towel wrong.

16. The NFL stands for the "No Fun League". Players clearly have more fun in college.

17. College football teams still give free tickets away to underprivileged school kids; UCLA has an "I'm Going To College"day for such a purpose. NFL teams would rather go out of business than give free tickets away.

18. In college, teams don't move out of town and leave their fans because the owner doesn't think that the stadium has enough luxury boxes and is making mere millions instead of billions.

19. Rivalries mean a lot more in college. If the Redskins lose to the Cowboys, or the Bears lose to the Packers, or the Raiders to the Chiefs, they get another shot at them in a few weeks - it diminishes the rivalry's importance. If Auburn loses to Alabama, however, they have to live with it for the next 364 days.

20. College football's championship game does not have eight hours of pre-game coverage. There are no reports about the star running back's next door neighbor's cleaning lady's cousin, or any beer bottles playing in a Bud Bowl. Nor are there any cheesy boy bands or teen pop-tarts lip-synching at halftime. And no Up With People, either, THANK GOD!!


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      7 years ago

      Good article. I personally prefer the NFL and I will tell you why. 1) The games are usually closer. You have way too many blowouts in college football particular nonconference games 2) The players are faster, stronger, the game is better played as a whole 3) The NFL game is well paced. College games take seemingly forever. 4) The champion is decided on the field. I just can't make myself be a college fan. You watch an entire season of your team and if they aren't in a major conference they have very little chance of getting a shot for the title. The BCS ruins college football in my view. There are many others but I will stop with those. It is just a matter of personal preference.


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