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The Weird Theory of Man

Updated on July 3, 2015

The Weird Theory of Man

Copyright 2010 AwBuchen. Paranthropus_Boisei Zbrush
Copyright 2010 AwBuchen. Paranthropus_Boisei Zbrush

Are we spacemen?

The theories of the origins of man have always been a turbulent argument. Both science and religion have their ideas where and how we came to be on this planet.

Religion is made up of many different faiths; some are Catholicism, Protestant, Jewish and Buddhist just to mention a few of them. Most have some theory about mans beginnings. Catholic faith for example has man created from dust by GOD who then creates women from mans rib. And many other faiths go in other directions, so it is a very controversial argument as to which religion is right if any. There have been wars fought over the different beliefs.

Science on the other hand also has many different theories as to where man comes from. The most popular of the scientific theories was mainly brought upon by a man name Charles Darwin, who claims man evolved from lower primates. And a recent development says over the years and through the eating of meat the primate’s brain grew and as it did we began our journey up the evolutionary ladder to modern man.

Who’s right? Who knows? There exists no absolute proof for either side. Religion has no proof of the Garden of Eden and science has no missing link that absolutely ties primates to modern man. So there are fights over that as well. Lets assume they are both wrong and I'm right.

Let’s really play with theories OK? I can’t prove any of my ideas either so I will just be another theorist that is banging his head on the wall like everyone else scientist or priest alike.

Many, many, many years ago before the dawn of man in fact around the time just after the Meteor theory that made the Dinosaur extinct our world was visited by a group of beings from a planet close enough to us that they had been using our planet as a Petri dish. One day as the world had recovered from the devastating effect of the meteor and the world once again grew green and lush our visitors came to earth. They studied the flora and fauna, took samples from our earth and from the water that surrounded it both sea water and fresh water. They studied the creatures and insects that did survive the horrific impact and they collected cell samples from all living things plant and mineral and animal.

They also had DNA and cell samples from their own planet, cells from creatures that lived on their planet, samples of DNA from their own bodies, female and male alike. Now the scientists among these visitors were working on an experiment, they wanted to replicate their own evolution on this new planet and see what life forms would develop as a result. Carefully they constructed a strand of DNA and planted it in a solution of nutrients and then found the ideal location to plant this ooze. The scientist named the location Eden for Extended DNA Environmental Nutrients. About a dozen samples were placed, some predominately male and the others female and for a few days the samples were monitored. To the visitors it appeared the samples had stabilized in Eden and it was now time for the visitors to leave.

Many thousands of years passed but the Eden experiment had not been forgotten on the alien planet. And again the visitors sent another team to see how the experiment was progressing. To their astonishment the experiment was a success and a new life form had developed and adapted itself to the test planets environment. A primate species had developed but it was still too primitive to accurately assess if the species would develop traits such as the aliens or develop a complete set unique to the planet earth as it became known. What they were excited about was the development of a good male and female balance from the DNA samples the group of primates was strong and healthy and was capable of reproduction.

Again the aliens left and again a few thousand years passes and once again the visitors came to Earth to study the results of the DNA tests. Upon arrival they are astounded to see the primates have developed into strong clans that have split and moved about to different areas of the planet but still centralized around the area we humans call Africa. There have been some fascinating differences developing in the test subjects as well. Some have taken to the trees in the area and are quite mobile moving in the canopy above while others have developed the ability to walk upright. It was observed that those living in the trees survived on insects and berries and fruit which abounded in the trees while the upright group was studied eating flesh from dead animal carcasses. It was determined that through the ingestion of protein in the upright subjects their brains developed more significantly and therefore they left the trees to walk to lush hunting grounds and sources of water. This was a fascinating discovery; the aliens once again left Earth for their own planet.

Again several thousand years has elapsed and the alien planet is still studying the data and samples taken from Earth. To be continued.

This theory will continue in the next segment so please check back often for updates.

Space or not to space, that is the question.

From Evolution, Bible or Alien Experiment, you decide.

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    • profile image

      Daniel 5 years ago

      I like all these theories although i can't help but think that the way we interact with our surroundings and other life on this planet would suggest that we are alien to this world. Its like introducing a foreign species to a new country and finding it does nothing but destroy everything in its path which is what the human race is doing to this Planet. If we naturally grew with the planet over the last billion years i would think we would have a natural balance with it like most other creatures. My theory is that as we are now is how we were either created or placed here. There could have been a few trial runs of course to get to where we are. Hence the great flood to start fresh again.

    • ezpikins profile image

      Andrew Buchen 6 years ago from Texas

      PaperNotes, probably a never ending study. These people from another planet have become known as our GODS of history to the Greeks and Romans as GOD by the Christians. To say we resemble them would support the bibles claim that man was created in God's image. To understand man we know we suffer from things such as greed and lust for power, the Aliens too would suffer from these things and that would support the GODS of the Greeks and the Romans, those gods longed for humans to worship them and elate them to god status by doing so. So its a good question when will we finally catch up enough with our creators for them to make themselves known?

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      Interesting hub! I wonder how long it would take for the aliens to study us and our earth.

    • ezpikins profile image

      Andrew Buchen 7 years ago from Texas

      Hi Kyle and thanks for the comment on my theory. Your points are valid and can't be disputed as possibly having merit like the rest of us. An example is I recently heard someone on TV also theorize that its possible a test was conducted to see which species would best suite superiority of the planet as conducted by aliens but, why would they consider us? We're probably one of the most violent species they have ever monitored?

      Anyhow, maybe one day when we have developed a less shoot first ask questions later attitude we may find ourselves surrounded by intergalactic friend hopefuls?

      Oh and sorry I didn't send an email, I just recently moved and don't have email set up with the provider yet. *cheers*

    • profile image

      Kyle Cope 7 years ago

      After watching the movie "Knowing" the theory that you presented popped into my head "The Petri Dish Theory" and I believe that it is a very concrete theory. I only have two arguements not oposing your theory but how it could be improved. First off your position that the Aliens came to earth after dinosaurs could of course be very true. Another posibility is that in every science project the scientist almost never gets it right the first time. I believe that when the aliens first came to the earth it was only a rock with some chemicals. The aliens then tried to make an intelectual life form but failed. So they then wiped out the dinosaurs and started from scratch; of course they did not get every single life form since crocidiles and sharks are prehistoric creatures. But of course your theory could be just as right as Darwin's, the Church's, or mine. Another problem that I found is where you got the name EDEN from. English was not the first language on the planet earth so i believe that it is highly doubtful that the aliens spoke in english. Another relevent point that would better back up your theory is the fact that early religions were polytheistic. For example, the romans and greeks believed in a god for the water, sky, the sun, etc with one god that oversaw everything (Zues). Therefore the Roman and Greeks gods and godesses could just be lab assistants one to monitor oceanic life and one to manage land life so on and so forth with a boss (zues) to oversee the project. Also your theory could explain why aliens still come to earth to check up on their project and the reason we dont see them is that they want us to take our own course and not be helped along. it would be great if you emailed me back at with a subject title such as "The Petri Dish Theory" just to se what you think of my ideas.