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The Weird Theory of Man II

Updated on July 3, 2015

Copyright 2010 AwBuchen

Homo_Habilis Zbrush. Perhaps the first ancestor of man to become modern man eventually.
Homo_Habilis Zbrush. Perhaps the first ancestor of man to become modern man eventually.

The Weird Theory of Man II Read Part I First

Again several thousand years has elapsed and the alien planet is still studying the data and samples taken from Earth. On their next visit they note the primates have now dispersed even more widely and are spreading to all corners of the globe. Some groups are more successful than others, finding food and shelter more successfully and others are not so fortunate. Regressing or stagnating due to their inability to hunt or scavenge successfully. They will soon vanish from the planet. This is not always the case for the under developed groups such as the tree dwellers. Those that refused to leave the safety of trees are still very successful in the trees and surviving on what they find there but mentally and evolutionary they are not developing and will most likely remain in their present state.

Again the aliens leave the planet. Having gathered samples and information from every corner of the Earth they are ready to compile the latest data and results. This time several million years goes by before our observers return to the planet. On their arrival they are astounded, several hundreds of the scattered tribes that formerly existed have now vanished while still the tree dwellers do exceptionally well, although their routine has not changed in all these millions of years. There does exist some off shoot species now of the tree dwellers some very small and others quite large, the small seem to remain in the canopy while the larger ones still eating plants and nuts have come to live on the ground beneath the trees or in rocky areas.

The more advanced upright walkers have changed the most dramatically, they have evolved into just two types of groups; one group is almost completely hairless except their heads and pubic areas and the chests of the males. They walk perfectly upright and it seems their arms have shortened. The males have fashioned spears for weapons and various other tools from the stone that can be found AND they can create fire!

The other advanced group is not as advanced as the first. Their brows are more predominant and although mostly hairless they are still significantly covered as opposed to the other group. They also seem to have discovered fire and weapons however, they seems to prefer to live in caves as opposed to shelters built from animal hide and wood.

The aliens stay for a few hundred years, watching both advanced groups as they go through their daily lives in a bid for survival. They observe their migration patterns, and keep track of group development, trying to stay unnoticed to both groups so as not to affect the results or add any elements into their development, or have they stayed unnoticed?

Apparently, the aliens failed to remain entirely hidden and both groups were aware of them although the aliens were not aware of the same and strange images began appearing on caves walls. Images of every day life but also something else, images of glimpses of the scientists themselves with their bubbled helmets and strange lights emitted from their survival suits. These images had already affected the primitive groups and in their strange language they came up with a word for the scientists it translated to “GOD.”

Each and every time the scientists returned the primitive life forms had once again made advances as well as some vanishing from the face of the Earth. Eventually there was only one group of advanced “humans” left. And try as they may the aliens could not avoid detection by these humans any longer. They had advanced enough to develop their own scientific curiosity of what was going on around them although still highly steeped in superstition and mysticism.

Stories such as Zeus and the Olympian gods of old, grown from sightings and interference in our development by those alien scientists spread to us making them gods. Stories of other gods in Egypt and Atlantis, all over the Earth sightings spawned tales of gods and creatures and strange lights and miracles.

After all how would man from 10,000 years ago see a visitor to this planet? Wouldn’t we kneel to their obvious superiority and elect them as gods unto the rest of man?

I hope you enjoyed my weird theory of man’s origin? Please take no offence and keep an open mind and heart. Oh and yes I do believe in “God”.

Origins of Man

Do you believe in Evolution of man or the origins of man as stated by the Bible or my theory?

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    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      There is no way but Gods way.When you don't know one will say anything.