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The Womens Contribution In World War II

Updated on March 31, 2012
Rosie The Rivieter
Rosie The Rivieter | Source

Recently I happened to click on the history channel and it was airing an episode of America The Story of Us. This episode revolved around World War II, beginning with the attack on Pearl Harbor. I continued to watch becoming more and more fascinated as the show progressed. What really intrigued me was the impact women had on the home front lines during the war. The many sacrifices they made, how they contributed so that the brave men of our country could concentrate on what was at hand and not worry about what was going on back home.

Rosie The Riveter was a campaign geared towards recruiting women to join the work force during World War II. This became the most successful advertising campaign in our history. Approximately two million women answered this the call to duty that supported the US economy during war time. This was the beginning of social change in the country. The call to be patriotic allowed women in the work male dominated work field and employers to hire them.

The answer to help their country, support the war efforts and keep the US economy wasn't without it's pit falls. There were many who didn't agree with this decision, feeling the women's place was in the home basically because their ignorance lead them to the opinion that they couldn't work as well as a man did. By the end of World War II these women proved otherwise.

They used large cranes, moving heavy tanks and artillery. They worked in shipyard assembly lines making parts for the Navy destroyers, aircraft carriers and varies ships used during the war. There was a company who manufactured aluminum which was the metal used when building air crafts for our bombers and other air crafts that were utilized through the war. They tested machine guns, loading and firing them to make sure they worked correctly. Any assault rifle or item with ammunition was tested. They manually loaded the bullets, being extremely careful with material that was highly explosive. Even a little bump could cause the gun powder to explode. Can you imagine a women today using a hydraulic press, they did then. It was amazing what these women accomplished with shear guts and determination. They went from being housewives, stay at home moms, waitresses and maids to welding, using drill presses, cab drivers, making uniforms for the troops, building jet fighters and riveters. They worked 24 hours a day in some cases.

These brave women stepped up to the plate the American economy, the war efforts and providing the means to end the war and bring our servicemen and women back home to their loved ones. This war wasn't without the loss of many however these women's contributions made this victory possible.


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