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The acid rain and its effects to the fauna-Pollution, Destruction, Poisoning of animals

Updated on March 12, 2012

Why it happens?

Nearly 300 million years ago the Earth's big part was covered by tropical rain forests. The gigantic trees, after their decay, slowly transformed into carbon and oil. Those materials (fossil energy sources) are used by humans to create electric current and to heat their homes and factories.
Sadly, those fossil fuels release a huge amount of harmful matter, what the chimneys spread to the air, and then the nightmare begins...

What is the acid rain?

When we burn oil and carbon SO2 and NOx disengages. When we drive a car, we release NOx and CH2. Those are all harmful compounds, and with the sunbeam, they make other harmful gas like O3 (Ozone, yes, it can be harmful if it's in the troposphere). With the help of a wind gust, this deadly gas travels in the air and when it's time for deposition, it will transform to, what we call the acid rain. Even if we know that we are doing this destructive process, we don't do anything against it, and the number of factories is just increasing...

Forest Destruction

Most of the European forests suffer from acid rain which leads to the decay of the trees with bad immunity, and it reduces the resistance of healthy trees, leading to a slow death. Even if we can't see the effects of the rain with our eyes, it damages the forest 'inside'.

Poisoned Animals

Nowadays the pollution is less noticeable, but it damages the whole world. It's like a ninja, invisible, fast and deadly. In Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Canada and the eastern USA, thousands of fish died by aluminium poisoning ( the acid rain solved it from the soil making the rivers full of it). This procession made thousands of birds and other animals (like the otter) sick as they ate the poisoned fish. The poison also affects the invertebrates, leading to a chaos in the ecosystem.

What to do?

Finally, the acid rain got international attention, and many countries do against it. We need to stop the egoism around the world, we transformed our lives to be totally comfortable, but meanwhile, the animal planet suffers heavily, and that's really bad. Don't drive when you only need to make a few miles, use your legs! Stop smoking, and throw the trash in the trash, don't damage Mother Nature, she deserves more respect!!


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    • yoebaree profile imageAUTHOR

      Hunor Barab├ís 

      6 years ago from Romania

      Thank you Seeker7. I'm going to post more articles like this one, keep tuned!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Excellent hub with great information but easy to follow. Your wonderful hub will help to get this important message across to people! Voted up + awesome!


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