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The appeal of medical school

Updated on October 3, 2012
Stanford Medical School
Stanford Medical School | Source

Is it worth putting yourself through medical school?

I shied away from medical school because the costs were seemingly too high and so was the time involved. This Hub has been posted to encourage you to consider carefully your options when faced with a decision to attend medical school.

Med school can be a very rewarding experience and so are the monetary benefits that follow its successful completion.

How much is cost a factor in medical school decisions?

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I have been such a big advocate of science and engineering and getting into medical school requires some background in science which is good for America. But with the competition to get into medical school and the time it takes to qualify as a doctor, is it worth the time for the fat paycheck at the end.

The problem with medical school is the high cost in addition to the time. Average student debt is about $157,000 with a quarter having over $200,000 in debt. The good thing is that there is a physician shortage in the United States and around the globe.

The average salary of an M.D. is $200,000 and this makes it well worth it.

There has to be changes in health policy to assist students who might otherwise have decided to pursue a career in medicine, if not for the high costs. But walking through the University of Minnesota medical school and the University of Chicago medical school showed me that there were a lot of scholarships and other financial aid available to individuals that desire to practice medicine.

Obviously, the parents and the students themselves need to be motivated and work hard to the attain their dreams. But health care is undeniably a big issue in the United States and needs to be addressed. But this again could depress salaries, but hopefully make health care more affordable.

I think students should approach med school as a journey and be ready for the challenges and failures that inevitably come. The problem with most med school students and other similar type students is that they tend to be stubborn. Burnout and depression are pretty common and have to be dealt with.

As for me a career in neuroscience might have been appealing.


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