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Powers Of The Human Mind

Updated on September 9, 2014

The beauty of the human mind

I wonder how many of us stop and take a moment to realise the beauty and powers of the human mind? Of course we have our moments of appreciation for the things around us, whether they be material or immaterial, as well as being able to treasure others in our lives such as family, friends and loved ones. But do many of us really pause and think that our minds are so unique, each one of them individual, and with no two minds completely alike, we're capable of almost anything when we work together with those around us, sharing imagination, ideas, thoughts and actions.

Psychologists around the world are always studying the human mind, what shapes our behaviour and what influences our attitude towards other resulting in revenge, envy, jealousy etc. There's a number articles on the web which help us learn about the human brain, it's functions, what each part of the brain is responsible and how it's formed over the stages of our lives. Here are a few below:

So after all these discoveries about the human mind and the human brain, we've been able to conclude that there is a correlation between the minds of twins where in some situations they can experience hurt or happiness felt by their twin. We've also been able to discover the different functions of each component of the human brain and how it influences and affects the various nerves, organs and senses throughout the body. The list goes on.

I wonder sometimes though, since we're all so very different, will there ever in history be two individuals who are completely and exactly alike? Throughout history we've been able to learn about the rise and fall of key characters such as dictators, award winners, actors, and so forth but we've never been able to truly and completely understand the motives of those around us and why they do what they do. Sometimes we may think someone is predictable, but then they surprise us with something which may seem odd or unusual. Is it because of something which suddenly affected their lives? What was it that triggered the brain to act one way as opposed to another on one occasion in comparison to all others? Someone recently asked me why Hitler was anti-semitic and wanting to kill the Jews. Although historians are able to come up with different thoughts about Hitler's childhood and why he became anti-semitic, the thoughts of historians and psychologists will never be able to completely understand what it was that shaped Hitler to be the person that he was with his desires, hatred and so on.

I know I'm always fascinated to hear about new inventions or innovations which are put forth throughout the world, especially in the fields of science, medicine and technology. Someone recently commented that regardless of the amount of study and time they put in, they'll never be the same as Charlie Teo (Neurosurgeon). It makes me wonder why? Ordinarily, we would expect that if two people put in the same amount of effort and time into something, then they should be able to provide the exact same result and conclusions but this will never happen. Each of our humans minds are so unique and as we progress through our lives, regardless of where we may live, we're further able to develop our own minds, knowledge and understanding through whatever pathways we take our minds on.

The human mind is certainly remarkable in anyone's eyes, as is nature. Some may comment that we've been able to have the results that we do throughout the world because the global population is so large and diverse, hence, science, medicine and technology have been able to advance more rapidly over recent years. With much of the population however failing to receive proper education, those individuals are still able to develop an imagination and ideas comparable to those who have received formal education throughout their lives.

The list of fascinating functions of the human mind is endless and through the sharing of these ideas and thoughts triggered by the human mind, what was once thought to be impossible, has now become probable or even perfected over time. The great thing about communication, the world, media, social media and even the hubpages community, is that reviews, thoughts, comments, opinions and ideas are constantly shared, strengthening the capabilities of the human mind with one person's thoughts triggering another and so forth, expanding the world to endless opportunities and advancements. It's a matter of how we react to the information and environment around us that help us advance and develop our own thoughts and actions shaping each of our minds to be individually unique.


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