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The best top ways to make your students speak good English Langauge

Updated on August 9, 2017

English language is one of the medium of instructions in many countries' secondary schools, it is one among of the world's widely spoken language due to its influential. Many countries which are non native English speaking, use English language as foreign language or second language. However many people especially students in non native English speaking countries face difficulties in learning English language. The following tactics may help in Learning and or teaching English Language such as follow below:-

Introducing English speaking day program in school

  • This will help student to practice speaking language the whole day without as its valuable day for speaking English language. However this will only work when there will be an effectively supervision from school academics and English teachers. The English speaking day program is one of the best way to make students practicing how to speak English language, and this will make them get a confidence to speak even those who has never even tried to speak a single sentence.

Introducing debate in school

  • This also will only work where there is an effective supervision from teachers, debate may be done in different ways including inter school competitions. This will make students aware and practice how to speak good English language all the time due to the fear that she or he will lose in her competition. Debate will also impart students with enough confidence of speaking in front of others without fear. This will also help to improve English language speaking competence to the learners

Give them productive punishment

  • Productive punishment is punishment which brings or lead to an advantage that is instead of punishing them by sticks or giving them any other punishment, you have to give them a productive punishment like making them write twenty five to fifty pages of any topic which is written in English language. This will help the learner to get something from the page she or he wrote or make him or her write fifteen or more pages with single a sentence, I mean the same sentence.

English should be the main medium of instructions in school

  • This must be accompanied by the effective supervision from teachers. Making English as the medium of instructions without being followed effectively it will not work, most of the school tends to make English as the medium of instruction but there is no any effectively measures taken to make it being used as the medium of instruction. There fore in order to make it easily to be spoken by the learner you must make the rules and those rules should be followed effectively accompanied by strong productive punishment.

Teachers must also speak English language when they are at school

  • This will help learner to fear even speak other languages when she or he need any services to teachers. This will help learner to try to speak because if she or he will not speak she or he will not be able to get any services from teachers.

Teachers should not discourage the students from speaking English language

  • This means that there are some teachers who discourage the learners by telling them discouraging words, example you may find the teacher telling a student that English language is difficult enough and if you want to speak just go and speak with your English language teacher or instructors but not me. This is common to teachers of other subjects in some secondary schools. Other teachers may say its just a foreign language and I cant use it. These words obvious discourage the learners, as teachers are not encouraging the students. There fore in order to make it easier to the student we teachers we must stop discouraging these learners.

Another way of making students learning English language easily is by motivation

  • In order to make the students speak and practice to speak good English teachers must motivate the learners, and motivation should be done in different ways. Example by provision of gifts related to academics, the type of gift should be planned by school.

Preparing good environment for speaking English language in schools

  • This may be done by writing different instructions which guides or require the student to speak English language every time when she or he is at the school environment, these environment include, simple poster or announcements like, No English No services, another example is You are in school areas please speak English and more if you can. These will help the students to speak and or practice speaking good English language every time when she or he is at school environment.

There should be effective English language speaking program at school

  • English speaking program can be morning speech, essay writing competitions and debate. This will help the students to make English language as their most useful language at school, and if it will turn like that the larger group or almost all of them will be able to speak and write well using English language.


Education policy should be revised and be improved

  • Some countries like Tanzania the education policy recommend the students who are in secondary level of education to speak English language, that is English language to be the medium of instructions in secondary level where by in primary level Kiswahili should be the medium of instructions, this affect and tend to make the students feel difficulties learning English language when they are at secondary level. According to Chomsky, (linguist) the best age to learn language is the age below 13 years and not more than that, he said that learning a second language to a person who has more than fourteen years will be difficult enough for him or her. I agree with him because children are fastest to learn the languages than adult. So if you come to other education system of some countries like Tanzania you will find out that the time in which the student is starting to learn English language is above the required age as suggested by Chomsky. There fore we must change our education policy to make learning languages easier to student. I recommend English to be the medium of instructions from primary to higher learning institutions.


  • The above mentioned ways may help the students to learn and able to speak and write good English languages only if they may be implemented effectively in a given school

© 2017 Kiluwasha


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