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The Business Of Slave Owners And The (((Echos))) of Slavery.

Updated on August 4, 2016
Warning Of Kidnappers And Slave Catchers.
Warning Of Kidnappers And Slave Catchers. | Source

This question was asked by another author: Why does the mention of slavery anger some people? Is it ever appropriate to mention it? The following is my answer:

Slavery is a delicate subject to blacks as is the holocaust to Jews. It is so highly sensitive that it should be discussed with utmost thoughtfulness and compassion; especially by a descendant of oppressors.

It was highly offensive to imply all within the same breath that: "Whilst slavery was admittedly an abomination; the slaves were well fed." As did Bill O'Reilly of late, on his program.

Slavery Was A Legal Practice For Centuries.
Slavery Was A Legal Practice For Centuries. | Source

Do you believe in reparations for blacks?

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I do not expect an apology from anyone. However, I expect TENFOLD all of the respect that is owed to my people who suffered unspeakable horrors at the whim of their oppressors.

Indeed, a thousand years reparation would not and could not make up for my ancestors who were robbed of their basic human dignity century after century.

It is like the police officer killing my son in his reckless incompetence but I am now six times a millionaire. If I return the six million to the cop, would I get my son back alive?

You understand now that money is a tool that we use to survive and not the other way around. It does not make you more "human" simply because you have more of it. You can buy a horse with it; a plantation with it; a slave with it; an election with it. Sadly, common human decency is still out of the realm of its reach.

Tree On The Back Of A Slave.
Tree On The Back Of A Slave. | Source

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