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The difference between a successful and extremely successful

Updated on May 7, 2016

Greg McKeown now at the World Economic Forum (WEF). He is also the author of several bestseller list of The New York Times and the writer prestigious Harvard Business Review as well as the professional social network LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, McKeown shared views on the difference between the successful and extremely successful.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a well-known director. After I inquired about the current situation, he poured a torrent of doing things, from changes in work for those traveling to and about children. Sounds he has a busy life, but very satisfied.

But when I asked again: "Indeed, how he lived lately?" He immediately becomes sorrow and acting out that pleased about the pressures endured - fatigue when trying to rounding all tasks and the feeling that I did not even have enough time to play with you. In summary, although their schedule is tight, his life has not been filled. In other words, he, like most of us so, are deluding themselves.

We all know the ideal model to always give yourself to others, never say "no", only sleep four hours a day and his exhausting themselves to help as many people as possible. You often hear people say

"Oh, I'm busy," no? Actually it is just a disguised way of boasting only.

Taking on more work will strangle their ability to think and create. Otherwise it inhibits good people, that they do not promote all of their abilities. Here is the misconception that we can not become extremely successful.

1. Successful people say: "If you do, I will do"
Extremely successful people extremely careful when accepting to do something

Warren Buffet once said: "The difference between a successful and extremely successful people who are extremely successful to say no to almost everything."

If you remember, I wrote in the Harvard Business Review that: "Let's reject the unnecessary jobs, just make time for things that really matter, to shorten the time of the meeting and how willing give up the opportunity. very few people have the courage to live up to these principles, but they make a difference for people who are extremely successful. "

2. Successful people sleep four hours a day
Extremely successful people rested to always achieve the highest performance

In the study by K. Anders Ericsson is famous for the violinist, later Malcolm Gladwell popularized the "10,000 hour rule", he pointed out that the most outstanding artists to spend more time practicing than from the rest. But few know that the second most important factor leading to the success of their sleep. The leading violinist average 8.6 hours of sleep per day.

3. Successful people think the entertainment is only a waste of time
Extremely successful people think the entertainment needed for creativity

Ken Robinson has devoted his life to the study of creativity in schools. He observed that the school itself is slowly killing the creativity of students, rather than nurture and promote it through fun activities. "Our education is impoverishing our spirit and energy of the students, the same way that fast food destroys human health slowly. Imagination is the foundation of all human achievements ", paternal grandfather.

4. The success was the first to speak out
Extremely successful person is a good listener

The speaker is not necessarily more knowledgeable. It is these new listener who understands everything. They understand the implications of his words and see through all the things that have not been disclosed.

5. The successful focus on competition
Extremely successful people focus on what they can do better

Larry Gelwix - who was dubbed "The coach has more wins in America" ‚Äč‚Äčever lead the high school rugby achievements Highland with 418 wins and only lost 10 games over 36 years. One of the questions he asked the players have to ask yourself is, "What is really important?". He does not want his players distracted by opponents. He wanted them to play their own way.

Last week, I had to Kennedy library in Boston, Massachusetts and read a quote from President John F. Kennedy: "The greatest enemy of the truth is not deception, intrigue and false that is mistaken, stubborn and unrealistic ".

The myths have ingrained in everyone's thoughts. Successful people are talented people, oriented, and always wanted to win fame. They want to do everything and do a lot of concepts that are better than doing less. I used to call them are unrealistic.

Sometimes, you have to have the courage to leave things not really necessary. This is the trade-off between the immediate benefits and results in the future. And that is what makes the difference between a successful and extremely successful.


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