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The dumbest questions on Yahoo Answers

Updated on January 22, 2012


Now and then, I go to Yahoo Answers to see if there are any questions related to any of my hubs. Then I get a chance to back-link.

But it's getting weird. So weird in fact that it seems like the best way to calm down is write a hub about it.

I have been known to tell my mature students on occasion, "There are no dumb questions". But I've changed my mind.

Off we go then... The dumbest questions on Yahoo Answers are:

"I accidentaly my entire house help?"

I tried and tried, but just can't work out what this means. It could be burned down, or a flood. Or newly painted in florescent pink.

Maybe he or she filled the house with spelling mistakes.

"How laminated pine to be amplified?"

Of course! Amplify that laminated pine. Go Go Go. Maybe Jimi Hendrix has a pine-laminated electric guitar.

Perhaps 'amplification' means "Blow to bits". In that case it's easy. Use C4. The Mythbusters would.

Help! My sister is a CrazyHead!?

Yeah - you and 3 billion other people have this problem; and you think someone has an answer? Fat chance.

Survey : Do you think me and justin bieber look little bit alike?

The human mind is not incredibly skilled at carrying differences from one image to another, but anyway -

You be the judge.


Frankly No. Your punctuation sux and you don't even know how to use the caps-lock key. So don't bother.

Should i be worried about my sister being past out from alcohol last night?

Is she the one with the crazy head?

It's about ionic bonding!?

Ironic bonding probably. Hell yes. It's all about that. Oh - I need to punctuate!? Small mercies though. At least the apostrophe in it's is correct. That might be an internet-first.

GUYZ NEED UA attentn suggest me!!?


Just Wow.

This has it all. Intentional speeling errors, Unintensional spelling errors. RAndom CaPitalz. Not even a question but it's got god puncutadhuns!!?

Luckily the question has some clarification. Here is a sample:

"They told her that
watevr u do, watevr step u take do think abt us b4 she knw that hr parent wnt allow she said al ths n finaly v hav to brkup.. Bt v bth no v stil love ech othr.....
Our reltnshp strd 4m tmpas relatn n v 2 dnt realiz wen v bcme so serious 4 ech othr... Bt aftr brkup m jst dieng witout her.....
N shez lik shez tryn. 2 4get al thng n sayn same 2 me hw dis psblm"

What are some flirty things to say to my ex?

At last! A real question. But the mind boggles. Why would anyone even ask several million people this question? Who would answer? Apparently someone called Marcus would answer, and he said, "Tell him how much you'd like to suck on his pee pee."

I hate the internet.


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    • Manna in the wild profile image

      Manna in the wild 5 years ago from Australia




    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      Haha! Oh how I know what you mean! I answer questions on webanswers, actually I haven't been on it for a while, but believe me when I say the questions and answers never leave my memory! Ever get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, they should get the text off of the phone and throw it in the bin?! really funny, thanks!

    • iguidenetwork profile image

      iguidenetwork 5 years ago from Austin, TX

      It was very very funny and interesting to read...

    • Manna in the wild profile image

      Manna in the wild 6 years ago from Australia

      @Lisa HW - thanks for your feedback. You made me laugh and I also get the punctuation complaint, although I think it's to try and stop things like this:!!!!!!!? :-)

    • Lisa HW profile image

      Lisa HW 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      This Hub was funny. :) I went through my own Yahoo Answers phase awhile back, when I found some of the (better) questions were a good way of challenging myself on writing about some things "on demand". Then, too, some people's blunt and sarcastic answers made for some good laughs. One of my "favorite" (sarcastic) things about Yahoo Answers was the thing that pops up and says, "Wow. It looks like you're using a lot of punctuation." (Apparently, Yahoo doesn't like it if people use a lot of punctuation. LOL) Since I'm pretty much a big fan of punctuation, I just kind of realized Yahoo Answers wasn't for me. LOL

      Having said that, however, I have to say that Yahoo Answers is apparently the definitive source for finding out whether or not one is pregnant.

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Once you have boarded the Internet, it's free expression all the way! Lol!

    • f_hruz profile image

      f_hruz 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Don't ya get hung up so easy on lil thingies!

      Take it as a test of your ability to find meaning and value in BS ... :)

      That's what keeps religion alive! ahahaha

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      PC - you spelled LOLZ wrong. And I was just about to say the EXACT same comment!

      I had to stop going to Yahoo Answers because of the dumb questions. There are even dumb questions here on HP. I have to go through 5 pages to find one that can even be answered without my sarcastic muscles getting a workout.

      But carry on.

      Remember 50% of the entire population of the world is below average.

    • Manna in the wild profile image

      Manna in the wild 6 years ago from Australia

      Us, Us, Us... and.... Them, them, them.... And after all we're only ordinary men.

      Me, and you.

      God only knows it's noz what we would choose to do.

      Forward he cried from the rear

      and the front rank died.

      And the general sat and the lines on the map

      moved from side to side.

      Black and blue

      And who knows which is which and who is who.

      Up and down.

      But in the end it's only round and round.

      Haven't you heard it's a battle of words

      The poster bearer cried.

      Listen son, said the man with the gun

      There's room for you inside.

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 6 years ago from SE MA

      No, you hate stupid people. You have plenty of company, but it does seem that there are more of "them" than "us". Or, to put it another way:

      We with ya, bro. Your right! Thos guyz are totally like dumbass LOL!!