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The effective method for teeth "beautiful dream"

Updated on June 24, 2016

Besides white skin, the bright white teeth is one of the key factors creating good-looking appearance for us, especially for women. Like everything else in the world of beauty, about "dental work" also devoted a lot of attention to advice and answers.

Dr. Than Trong Nguyen - Deputy Director of Dentistry Peace - Peace Dentistry (No. 565 Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), now in Vietnam, up to 55% of the population never dental visits. Particularly in children 6-8 years of age, over 85% were caries (a 5.4 average), but 94% of those not treated. "The oral pathologies such as tooth decay, tooth cracks, stains, or disproportionate teeth ... just affect appearance, making you lack confidence in communicating both affect health, making you eating unpalatable "- Dr. Nguyen stressed.

From this situation, Dr. Nguyen also give some tips and advice on methods of common dental care, customers appreciate the efficiency, safety, especially in terms of aesthetics.


Implant is the solution treatment is effective rehabilitation and aesthetic functions to replace missing teeth. When tooth loss if not treated promptly and properly, the relevant teeth will be affected as bone resorption and disproportion, emerged, shaken ...

Doctor Nguyen adds, customers choose the method of dental implant in the prestige will be sure to put Implant System standard operating room, sterile, making effective treatment best, bring the confidence and peace of mind for patients.


Braces are rated as the best solution in case you have coral teeth, toothed, crooked teeth ... teeth are straight help are in compliance with aesthetic standards. Furthermore, this method also provides a structural function - bite - teeth stable, enabling users to have a healthy set of teeth, chew well, bring smiles confident, more successful communication.

However, before implementation, you should consult your doctor to choose the type of braces is right for you, such as braces fixed or removable. Typically, the time braces stretching from 18 months upwards.

Cosmetic porcelain veneers

Many people are facing the problem of oral and travel needs are porcelain veneers often have concerns that harmful porcelain veneers to dental health, or it can hurt the enamel or not, and special special is that it has any benefit ... In fact, cosmetic porcelain veneers is favored by many people after the treatment, the teeth have the same color of natural teeth, and the strong increase, rising more aesthetically fine, maybe chew food better, more perfect bite.

Doctor Nguyen shared: "At Peace Dentistry, we are using the German porcelain teeth can be aged up to 20 years. After porcelain veneers, patients only need to take care of your teeth as usual. However, we always recommend that they should avoid drinks too hot or too cold, hard food because they can shatter porcelain ".


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