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The eight sins of human race

Updated on July 24, 2014

The 8 Sins Of The Human Race

Lately, i have been thinking what the real meaning of sin is; you know religion has successfully tricked us into neglecting the major sins. According to the Law of Moses the first four is irrelevant in my opinion; it only has to do with God not humans. This has made us to forget that this is our lives not Gods and love has been squeezed into the irrelevant sins (the remaining six) to show how selfish God is.

It’s has always been about him, I heard He said that He is a jealous God forgetting to add selfish, back to what I was saying earlier on, I believe the word sin is been abused by the church. It’s used to keep us enslaved and as well as quiet. At first, it was used to keep us safe but it’s now used to tame people. Chaos is at its peak and there is no visible spiritual help coming from the skies/heavens (God), so why do people still pray or follow the commandments, I think its out of fear and ignorance. We don’t need the church to survive, the church needs us but we now think and believe it’s the other way round because of consistent lies.

But no lie will forever stay hidden, it’s only a matter of time. After some careful observations, I realize that anything that affects the world or the people living in it in a negative way is a sin. I don’t see how having sex on a Sunday is a sin or not going to church, that’s the simple truth. I have no issue with the church so don’t think there is anything clouding my judgments. I came up with few major sins. Remember that every sin listed in this article is based on my opinion its only left for you to say whether it’s true or false, I will explain everything in the simplest form.


It’s common right, that we all easily engage in the act doesn’t make it right. Imagine how lost and messed up your life can be if everything you were told were built on lies. When you deceive someone, you have made every effort the person makes from that moment in vain. But the church has made us to believe that it’s among the lenient sins, it’s among the other six and this has made it very easy to lie.

It’s practically the easiest sin to commit but its effects are grave, so what I’m I trying to say here we should make efforts to control how we deceive people, it doesn’t always end well for someone living on deception. A little effort can make a positive difference.


Jealousy, in my opinion it’s natural but I think it’s a curse from nature. We all have it but what matters is the effort you make to keep it hidden not letting it overwhelm you. This has ruined a lot of relationships, up to 60% of breakups and split-ups are caused by jealousy. Its clouds our judgments and it’s difficult to think straight when jealous.

It’s like a burning rage that consumes you from the inside out and this can possibly compromise your actions which can lead to the occurrence of very ugly situations such as murder. The only question you will be asking yourself is “how did I get here or what the hell is wrong with me” or questions related the ones I just mentioned.


Glutton can lead to all sorts of things, you just can’t get enough. You are never satisfied with what you have, even the quantity can’t make a difference. All over the world many people are facing this problem, they always want more. It’s among the things holding most African countries back, keeping them undeveloped for quite some time because their leaders/politicians are greedy and selfish.

They embezzle lots of things, keeping the country bankrupt. Claiming they are above the law, I know this doesn’t happen only in Africa but the law keeps it on the decrease in other continents. Make a change within yourself and others will learn from you.


This is a mischievous act that destroys reputations and it goes a long way in hurting people, this has a link with sadism and it makes life difficult for people around. This can make you inhuman, it subdues our conscience which is the only thing that makes us human beings and without a conscience you are like a robot. In my opinion bad things are easier for a wicked person to execute.


There are people that have the ability to convince anybody about anything, it’s not a psychic ability. But most of them abuse this ability. In secret organizations agents are trained in a special way, so they can manipulate there opponents, they can talk there way out of most problems. What makes manipulation generally bad is that you use the act of deception, even though you use it with the best intentions; you lie to people to make them feel better just like the therapist. Which the person you lied to might later know that you lied to them. I am not saying you should discontinue seeing your therapist, they don’t always lie sometimes they help you to see the hidden truths.


This is among the common types of sins in the 21st century. No matter how little what you stole is or how you did it (forcefully or not, armed or unarmed), someone has been hurt as a result of your selfishness. It’s a terrible thing that people make a living through theft, knowingly fully what the consequences are, not being scared of karma.

Abusing their courage, I still wonder how people can comfortably live with the fact that someone has been killed because of them or by them, doesn’t sound good or fair that’s why karma goes a long way in balancing everything. After such act, don’t convince yourself by saying its an unfair world, it’s a fair world but people like you has made it unfair and the stain theft leaves on one’s reputation is inerasable.


Not as simply as it sounds, this has ruined lives of many people especially girls through mental disorder. Many people commit suicide after been raped especially when the culprit goes unpunished by the law, many become serial killers because of the inerasable scene in their thoughts. You might be enjoying yourself when committing the act but the victim is not, I just don’t understand why people are being raped. If you are so horny why don’t you call a hooker that’s if no one doesn’t want to willingly sleep with you, the professionals will give it to you just the way you love and want it. So why forcefully hurt someone else, its unfair, am not a saint but I won’t engage in such act and I don’t see why other people should do it.


Never judge someone with what you heard because you don’t know the other part of the story though you are entitled to your opinion. I know a few people that are always too eager to judge which makes me wonder whether it’s a disease and they always misjudge people that’s the craziest part of it.

They talk when they should be listening so they most times miss the positive points about the person. On the other hand, there are people that judge with physical appearance forgetting that character is not something you see on first site, “don’t judge a book by its cover” I don’t know the origin of that proverb but I second it. I know sometimes people dress outrageously but you don’t know there reasons even if they don’t have any reason, try to mind your business. That’s the only way to avoid the stress of condemning everybody you see.

With these points I hope I have made it a bit clear that the church and its commandments is not the real deal, it prevents you from knowing the real deal and also thinking the way you should, the church creates an unreal world perhaps you only live this life once, live it up without stepping on toes. Don’t let anything that is not your conscience boss you around, stay safe and thanks for reading.


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