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The end is near (part1)

Updated on August 22, 2011

No Water = Easy Money!

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Water covers 70.9 % of our planet, and it is essential for all known forms of life, so why aren’t we doing anything to keep it from running out? A recent study shows that by 2030 the demand for water in some developing parts of the world will pass over 50% of the supply. The fact is that severe action needs to be taken and it only will be when we are in trouble.


There is some hope however, there are water treatment manufacturers out there that treat water and supply what you need to treat your water. My suggestion is to get ready for the apocalypse, build a hidden water reserve underground! Watch out for water damage over long periods of containment, and you may want to use an industrial water hose to fill it… or you could just purify your water from the tap with disposable GE water filter cartridges.


There is city water treatment, but can you really trust the government? No, build your own water towers, sell the water once the price gets driven up from the demand and become rich! Use the profits to buy cooling towers for a cooling tower water treatment or books on “water ultrafiltration” and learn how to do it! The more you know about water and filtration the easier it will be to make money and eventually rule the post-apocalyptic world!


Everyone needs water; we need water to grow our food and to feed our cattle. Water is the most solid investment ever. It will never be replaced and the demand is universal. Doesn’t it make sense to exploit it in your quest for world domination? The trick is to not let anyone know what you’re planning before it’s too late. For tips on how to be generally sneaky and what you will need as far as skills go; check out another article we wrote: “Ever dreamed of becoming a spy?” Every good world dominator needs to start somewhere and that’s here!

What do you think about global warning? Do you think that the end is near? We want to know what is on your mind!

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