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The end is near (part2)

Updated on October 19, 2011

What comes after the apocalypse?

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Ok, so you’re a big shot leader in the post apocalypse? Wrong! You need to control everything if you want to be a proper super villain. The trouble with that is the mindless dro- I mean citizens of New Earth don’t like being manipulated and controlled, so you have to let them think they’re free, when in reality they are all your puppets. What is the next step? With your money and resources from your water control, you should buy all businesses and services. Then, you should set up a bottling plant of some sort; well at least it will look like a bottling plant, complete with stainless steel conveyers. In reality it is where you alter the water supply with chemicals to keep the people calm. Since you control all of it, it should be 100% effective! With the people calmed and docile, you need guns just in case they get rebellious. You have trillions of dollars from your water monopoly, so why not hire an army or two? There will be a shortage of gas by that time so you can run your war machines with electric motors instead of regular ones.

Next steps

Now, you have unlimited resources ($), Guns and a docile, controlled population. So what’s missing? Scientists! A wise man once said that ignorance is bliss; this is true (for everybody except you). You need to feed them clean water so they can think straight, and you’ll want a supervisor who isn’t drugged but is loyal to your cause to watch for any sabotage, like loosened screws in your stainless steel pipes ect… Now with these people researching new ways for people control, new weapons and other cool stuff (like hover boards!), you can push onto the last phase of control, political.

The Throne is in sight

You literally own everything and there isn’t a service that doesn’t have your stamp on it, all that’s missing is to take your throne as supreme leader of earth, this will need to be done with a little more tact and grace then your other steps, as you will need to make it look like you got elected. I suggest a strong propaganda campaign backed by threats and blackmail. After that you may enjoy your time sitting on your throne and ruling over your minions!


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