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The evolution of skyscrapers!

Updated on June 5, 2013
The two towers of Bologna built in the 12th century!
The two towers of Bologna built in the 12th century! | Source

From the beginning of Time.

Skyscrapers are the mark of man's achievements. Since the beginning of time, man was intent on building skyscrapers, such as the biblical account of the tower of Babel. Fast forward to the 12th century in Bologna, Italy. There you will find the two towers of Bologna which is impressive. A unusual marvel at that time, it was mostly used by rich people for defensive/offensive purposes during the time of Investiture controversy. You can learn more about this Investiture controversy provided in the link below. The amazing thing about this ancient wonder is that it is still standing to this day!

Empire State at night!
Empire State at night! | Source

Empire State Building.

As a young kid, growing up in New York City, I was fascinated by skyscrapers. A city is not a city without its share of skyscrapers. When I went to Chicago to see my son a couple of years back, I saw tall and wide buildings. This city had building after building. Add to this,the hustle and bustle of traffic emitted a air of excitement.

Years back, I remember when my father took me to see the Empire State Building in New York City. As a kid, getting inside the elevator, I was amazed at the speed in which we reached the top of the building. As I walked around the observatory, I noticed some high fenced areas. My father told me that it was put due to the suicides that had occurred in the past. As I looked down, I could see people like ants. I wondered why people would jump out of that place. Thinking about this,I was content and grateful for being in a stable area, but I have to admit, it was intimidating.

Evenings in downtown New York was nice.The Empire State Building would stand tall. Its lights and form showed man's crowning achievement. As a New Yorker, I felt proud of that building.It show the majesty and hope of a city.

Other Skyscapers.

Then came the World Trade Center. To my regret, I never did visit the World Trade Center. It was a shame seeing such a landmark destroyed back in 2001, but there is good news! New Yorkers are a tough breed and now we are seeing another Trade Center arise from the ashes.

I have been fascinated at the new breed of skyscrapers. There is the Petronas Twin Towers with more than 1400 ft, it is one of the tallest buildings in the world.I have enclosed a nice looking picture below. This Majestic building was built in Malaysia, It took seven years of construction. A magnificent work of art,This offers a nice bird's eye view of the city of Kuala Lumpur. Taking 54 hours of continuous concrete pourings on each tower and countless man hours, the building is a great attraction to see and speaks for itself.

At night, it stands proudly with its yellow and white lights.This blends,beautifully, with its cobalt blue night sky in the evening, bringing its colors to life. As you look towards the middle,you can see a connecting bridge, brilliantly designed to give this landmark a futuristic look.It, also offers the public,the convenience of going to the other side of the twin tower.

At ground level, you can see a mixture of blue blending with the trees in the background. What I like about this picture below is that you can see rows of water fountains giving this site a sense of serenity and peace.Its water jets foaming in the air further enhances the blue on the water,reflecting the white lights above. The trees on the side of the pavement gives this a tropical look. At ground level, you see the two flags of Malaysia and some yellow lights as if to promise you a lively and fun time as you enter this architectural marvel..

The Petronas towers!
The Petronas towers! | Source

A view from the Petronas Towers!


What will the future hold for skyscrapers?

Your guess is as good as mines. I can tell you one thing. We are going to see strange looking buildings and skyscrapers in the future. I have seen one shaped like a gun. Another is an incredible sight to see. Would you believe me if I told you about a dancing house? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This will convince you that strange skyscrapers and buildings are here to stay. Here's picture of a dancing house enclosed below.If you want to see more, you can go to my links below.

I am adding a video of the CN tower in Toronto,Canada. A few years back, when I visited my cousin in Toronto, my biggest regret was not being able to go to this tower. I saw it, firsthand, and it was impressive. I am determined to go back to Toronto soon, God willing. When I go back, I will, this time enter the CN tower. Once I get in and see the sights, I will have lunch with my wife.Toronto is a great place to visit. If you are interested, check out my link on Toronto below.

Dancing House!

Dancing house---Believe it or not!
Dancing house---Believe it or not! | Source

The CN Tower in Toronto,Canada!


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