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The fear of a cyclone

Updated on November 4, 2012

The fear of a cyclone

Nature’s wrath is dangerous for all mortal beings. A monster cyclone is the live example of nature’s fury. It seems to sweep away everything that comes in its way – trees, vehicles, humans, and more. All coastal areas are susceptible to such sudden natural disasters. How can we ever forget the deadly TSUNAMI! So many houses washed away, small localities vanished and massive loss of property and lives. I was not in Chennai when it happened but I remember watching it on the news at home. Seeing the pain and suffering of innocent beings was a real trauma. Now when I am settled in Chennai, few months back I came across the empty patch of land while I was on my way to Pichavaram. Our auto driver told us that the area directly faced the rushing tsunami waves.

Last week, precisely on 31st October, 2012, another cyclone, this time named “Nilam” struck Chennai badly. It was the “Halloween Day”, and I guess the evil side of nature hit us. Mostly everyone came to office, though it was cloudy and foggy in the morning. We could feel the wind as well. Colleagues at office were discussing how we would go back home safely. Everything but work was in our mind. Post-lunch the weather was getting worse, the whistling sound of the blowing wind was hitting our ears. It seemed nothing could stop that gush of strong air; it was piercing the soundproof windows and doors.

Senior people in office were making arrangements for the office cab to drop us till a convenient stop so that we could rush back home. I asked my husband by what time he will leave office, for his office was farther away. Finally, our office cab was waiting downstairs. Our walk from the entrance to the cab was so difficult, as wind was pushing us back. We were holding on to our dresses as well as our bags; those who were trying to open their umbrellas were unable to do so. After all this drama, we left the premises by 3pm but traffic was crawling at a snail’s pace.

I got down from the cab to take the subway. But, alas! It was all dark and filled with dirty water. I took the main road which was a long walk in the rain. It took me one hour to reach the Tambaram station which usually takes 20 mintues. I took the train and reached my destination. Once I got down from the train and moved to the road, I saw lot of hustle-bustle. Many trees had fallen on the road, disrupting the normal flow of traffic. All buses were stuck and autos jam-packed. It seemed that I was the only girl walking on the road with a few men while others were safe in their home. The cyclone was in its full rage, the trees were swinging, and electrical wires were shaking. I was so scared! I felt the world was coming to an end. I lived every moment of my existence, and realized the value of life.


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