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A -Psychoanalysis of human behavior & four different power structures.

Updated on July 17, 2012

The four concepts of power & the way they can affect our behavior.

There are four ways of accruing power and out of the four only two are expandable the other two are temporarily elastic. Those four concepts of acquiring power are based on fear, knowledge, love & money.

They can be paired off as “the fear of knowledge resulting into love for money,” which of-course is an easier way to remember the composition of the adjectives that create the four concepts of power.

Instinctively we are more likely to pick “love & knowledge” as those powers that are expandable, and “fear & money” for those powers that are temporarily elastic.

We can ask the question why is it that love & knowledge refer to those powers that are expandable as opposed to fear or money. Which of-cross is a good question to ask? Well, in that sense it is only because in our minds love stands more of a chance of sustaining power than fear and money can ever bear.

It is more likely that the power that is gained through love will last longer than any power that fears or money can ever achieved. For a prime example let us take James VI of Scotland who inherited the English throne from Queen Elizabeth. Let us also consider every first lady of the United States of America, are they not in power?

As demonstrated “love” is one of the four forms of power that can expand even after the original head of the power structure has been expired. In that respect we say “love” is the governing agent of any form of power, whether it be fear, money or knowledge we all need someone to love. And whoever it is that we love is the agent who helps us maintained our power structure.

Furthermore, we have “knowledge” which also falls under the category of a “power” that is expandable. And by definition we all know that knowledge is power in the abstract form. But what some of us may be confused about is how can knowledge be expandable?

We can conclude that knowledge is expandable because as we gained more of it our mind expands, but that would be more like a technical definition. We’re looking for something that describes the expansion of "knowledge” as it relate to “power”.

Any knowledge that can produce a cause and effect will create an automatic respond that forms a universal acceptance via experiences. Example: E=mc2 - the creation of the filament light bulb, the construction of the first revolver, the law of conservation of energy, the laws of thermodynamic and Newton's laws of motion. All of which are knowledge that represents power by itself.

That type of knowledge is strengthen by its automatic acceptance through experiences. Sense the result of the experiences could become detrimental depending on how the aforementioned knowledge have been applied; they can force people to move by default as an automatic response to prevent a harmful affect.

However, only power moves people, knowledge doesn’t move people. Knowledge is not power without a union that accepts its abstract position. In that sense knowledge is power in the abstract form. Better yet, knowledge is the secret weapon to a preexisting power, or knowledge can be an elevated thought to a preexisting power. Either way knowledge can help shape the decisions of those in power.

Knowledge educates, knowledge assembled, and knowledge prepared people to form a union which act as a power house. Knowledge also helps power minimized the use of force to a level where its distribution can be easily maintained.

Like Dr. Cornel West have stated in the past “power intoxicate, power tends to seduce, power corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely”. After all, we have noticed that in order for power to have maintained control all these years they had to direct their instructions through a parallel circuit, for a series circuit would have caused a discontinued of force if one circuit were to experienced an overload of intrusion.

This parallel circuit is represented by the three branches of government, and the invisible government which exist within most country.

If we were to apply the circuit analogy to the power structure of the American government, we would have noticed that the reason why we have a legislative, executive and judicial branch of government is to prevent a series circuit government which exist under a direct democracy.

These three branches of government represent a parallel circuit. And we recognized it as such because all three are detachable allied, administering their powers through the process of check and balances. This is how these three branches had been constructed to work, which is three forms of power that exist within a parallel circuit. But unfortunately, interest very often tends to link some members of these three distinct branches together at times when they shouldn't be adjoin.

We have noticed that knowledge which must be reasonably sounded is created from thoughts. Therefore, thoughts should be meaningful if it must be taken seriously. We share interest in knowledge that are created from great thoughts, and for that those knowledge are viewed as valuable info which can be used to ascend power.

However, those who give knowledge power are sometimes those who are knowledgeable themselves. Anyone who has the least amount of comprehension about a particular information care very little about its importance until someone whom they regard as the knowledge house approves of the information they inquire about. Therefore, knowledge is universal but relative in preferences because our level of education and upbringing shapes our value and interest.

This can also be referred to as the law of reflection because come to think of it in order for any knowledge to have been accepted, its angle of awareness must have reflected the character of those who have transcends the knowledge. If the knowledge is derived from someone whose character doesn't fit the profile, then the knowledge is subject to question, and can even be kept quietly for private discussion.

Therefore, those who have implicated this knowledge is given recognition for having belonged to a particular branch of power for knowledge is more appreciative when it can serve as a support to a particular group.

Now, let us consider stretching our thoughts to be more elastic because we are now heading towards the elasticity sides of power. In that regard, from the elasticity side we'll have “fear” and “money". The reason why we say that these two forms of “power” are temporarily elastic is because neither intimidation nor liquidity of cash holds continuous power. There is always a threshold where those with monitory power can be reduced of their power.

Money can only be a temporary form of power if its accessibility could become limited, but by no means is money a restricted form of power with limited faculties. Since, too much of it can require of one to be part of a private assembly. Perhaps it is from there that those with money maintained their power.

If money can be used as a weapon for control, than no one with substantial amount of money could be left to govern himself. They would have had to take orders from a hierarchy branch of an assembly which help them maintained they power structure.

Someone can be as powerful as their money can buy, but they may never be more powerful than someone with exponential knowledge if that person theory has been accepted by a preexisting power house. The power house is not necessarily members of government, the power house could also be the people (social activist groups) They say you need knowledge to acquire money which is partially true but for the most part money does not always equate knowledge.

Money is temporarily elastic because it has the tendency to contract without warning. If you not sure as to what we mean by that think about the unfortunate victims of Bernie Mad off, something like that should have never happened. Money is a good form of power, but it doesn’t always help society at large. It depends on who has the money and their moral construct as it pertain to society.

We are now heading towards our fear because if there is one thing that has kept our mind captive is “fear”. Like FDR once said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

Therefore, it is the accumulation of societal fear that is feeding our circumstances. Because if one man is punished for protesting his right can leads to others being harassed, this practice could be dangerous to society at large if we as a people are afraid to act. Obviously, that “fear” would have become more elastic and would have subsequently obstructed our minds from thinking pass our full potential.

Those who have invoked fear on members of society have not practiced the most preferred form of “power” but sadly it is the most useful forms of exercising power. As of now we are buried in “fear”, we can’t even think right without looking over our shoulders. We are a society of interest, sometimes when we think we’re doing the right thing by our society when in fact we're actually attracting more pressure onto ourselves due to conflict of interest.

Sexual behavior v. fear

This society is one of a few where those who possess money and power must be careful as to whom they’re caught in bed with. For some apparent reason that sort of thing seems to matter to people in this country a big deal, don’t know why that is but these are the things that makes big news here. And because of it “fear” is use against these individuals as a form of control that forces them to conform by walking a straight line where they can't even pissed right.

Fear can be created by “force” or through “intimidation” and even “missinformation” but lastly it can be the outcome of “love.” Fear created by force imply a mean to take possession of something without any justification or any need to explain the benefit hidden behind those who aggravate the situation that encourages the act of fear.

Whereas intimidation suggests that those who are fearful of the bully are either mentally or physically weaker, the reality of the matter is that they simply lack the knowledge which could have prevented them from being intimidated. A supporting example can be attributed by acknowledging the physical and mental training of a United States Marines whose entire philosophy is based on the quickest and the most efficient way to kill the enemy.

Missinformation doesn’t need to be explained because roughly 70% of what we do in our daily lives are the result of being unaware.

Lastly "love" which is something that hardly exist nowadays can be scary when too much jealousy is involve. We have to watch for love for it can be tricky. Love can get scary to the point where it becomes fearful. One partner gets overly jealous and there you have it “fear” has developed. The fear of hurting one’s feeling whether it is accidentally or intentional can be a problem at times.

Those who have argued that someone who is overly possessive has not demonstrated love is right. Love must be patient, but at times it can be instantaneous depending on the couple because as adult we stop playing that childish game, if we feel someone we let it be known. But those who are in love can get their heart broken and as result conduct actions that are not lovely.

The heart broken person has no true hatred for the one who has departed the relationship for he/she may be still in love. The only time the love has vanished is when the heart broken is no longer upset about the separation. Fear can only be the byproduct of love if the affection that one partner has for another is still present after the separation.

Another condition of love that can generate “fear” is the fear of rejection. At times we can be surrounded by people who love us and not know it. What has prevented these people to show their love is fear of rejection. Those who are loved, their actions alone can be causing the fear of rejection that the interest party is experimenting. If the person actions are not approved by those who share interest in them then no gesture of attraction can be initiated, but without knowing the true reason behind this action we could end up misjudging this person we love.

No one is willing to show love if they don’t think they’ll get love back in return. Therefore, the fear of rejection is holding on to love, pending acceptance before revealing the love that one person has for another.

However, what determine how elastic our fear becomes depends on those of us who are governs by fear. In that sense, fear is as elastic as the people who believe in the scheme. In that situation what the reverse argument proposed is that our “fear” will reduce when the mind has expanded to recognize other options that can suppress fear.

No one is truly keeping us captive folks it is only our "fear"- the fear of acting as a whole, the fear of defending others like us, the fear of fighting for our rights, the fear of knowledge, the fear of being ourselves, the fear of being wrong and the biggest fear of all is the fear of losing our jobs. In that sense, if we were ever able to conquer those fear as a whole, we would have at last removed “fear” out of change which would have facilitate the change we seek as a society. OneLove


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    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 7 years ago from New York, New York

      Hi! Paraglider

      Yes indeed it's been awhile - well, if you said it I believe it - it is a good topic. A new one for the intrigue minds to munch on. We should share our knowledge so that we give others an edge otherwise they'll be led by their anger.

    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 7 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

      Hi Coolbreezing - haven't read you for a while. You've got a good topic here with some interesting angles. Knowledge shared is very empowering, but knowledge hoarded is a wasted opportunity.