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The functions of the cerebral hemispheres

Updated on December 17, 2012


Everyone knows that the brain has two hemispheres, but not everyone knows how they work.

In this article you will learn everything about the cerebral hemispheres, and you can take steps to use this knowledge in practice.

The main differences between the left and right hemisphere.

Left hemisphere 
Right hemisphere
Short term memory
Long term memory


The left hemisphere analyzes, counts, uses language and symbols, knows that time is passing, thinks rational, plans, draws conclusions, do math, it creates arguments, distinguishes single detail however does not see the whole picture, works step by step. The left hemisphere is logic, definitions, precise operation.

The right hemisphere sees the images in the imagination, is responsible for states of ecstasy, have visions, dreams, sees the whole picture, it can combine multiple items in a moment, understand metaphors, fantasies and dreams, has a sense of humor and rhythm, is responsible for moments of revelation.

You’ve already know the basic differences in the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres.


However, what this mean for you?

Leap forward requires a balancing of both hemispheres. In our time, the education system disrupts this balance. The left hemisphere abilities stand in the first place.

I’ll tell you history about development of the cerebral hemispheres.

Primitive people used the right hemisphere in the majority, they had an incredible intuition and ability to survive extremely developed. Scientists suggest that primitive peoples with a high efficiency of predicted changes in the aura and they were able to relocate. The right hemisphere has developed the most during the prehistoric time. Over the years of evolution, there were gradual changes that led to greater use of the left hemisphere. Probably the first equilibrium between the two hemispheres emerged during the Enlightenment and later during the technological revolution. We see at that time great inventions, amazing courage and willingness to explore the world.

These arguments confirm that the people of that era had enormous potential. The balance between the development of the hemispheres is cyclical. Technological progress caused that we need to use more the left hemisphere, because we’ve created such a world. Unfortunately modern education system often disrupts the development of the right hemisphere and focuses on the skill of the left hemisphere.

We all know that creativity is desired feature. To develop it we must strengthen the right hemisphere. This task belongs to you. Basic education disrupts a lot of thought processes.

Did you hear about GIGO strategy in learning?

GIGO means garbage in, garbage out use it! Learn only good things. You can thanks to this come to the top, but also fall into the abyss. Only good food cause your growth.

How to strengthen right hemisphere?

There are several possibilities.

  1. Drawing-tremendously enhances creativity
  2. Dance
  3. Listen to classical music for example Fryderyk Chopin
  4. Keep a record of your dreams
  5. Use brainstorm technique
  6. Learn language using Birkenbihl method

Learn about brain it’s very powerful knowledge. You can use all this information to increase your writing skills. If you're seo copywriter, do it quickly. I'm listening music all day long, thinking about next topic. I always have power to create very good content. Try it.

In the future we can reach another leap forward.


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