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The greatness of king Sri Rama

Updated on March 31, 2015

People what they want, what they like, Lord Rama ruled as like as them.

Rama was a king of Kosala empire in Treta Yuga. Ayodhya was the capital city. Sri Rama was son of Dasaratha Maharaja. Sri Rama Navami is Birth day of Rama. He had three brothers. They were Bharatha , Shatrughan and Lakshman. Rama show love on three mothers equal. Kaikeyi were one his step mothers. Dasaratha was sent him the forest for fourteen years by the force of Kaikeyi. Kausalya was his mother, Sumitra and kaikeyi both were step mothers.

Saint Vashishta was his Guru ( teacher). Rama and Lakshmana both were archery students of Vishwamitra.

He married Seetha daughter of Janak Maharaj. Lava kusha were the two sons. Hanuman Was his faithful servant. Sugriva was brother of Vali. Rama used his military in the Lanka war.

Ramayana tells Rama history. Ramayana written by Valmiki.

Ravana carried seetha by cheating and he put her in open prison at Ashokavanam, to marry her. `it is not good to you, relieve her immediately'. Moral told him his brother Vibhishana. He refused his words. Mandodari was his wife. She told with her husband `leave Seetha, never enemy from Sri Rama. Ravana was never care her words.

Kumbhakarna is also his brother, Indra jit was his son, both were experts space war.

Rama was a great warrior and he was expert using the arrow Brahmastra. Brahmastra was a powerful arrow other than of all arrows. He crossed the sea on a bridge. He took the monkeys help in building a bridge on ocean to go to Lanka for kill Ravana. Rama was killed Ravana, and he was promote his brother Vibhishana asking for the Lanka kingdom.

Sri Rama saved the earth and people from the cruel Ravana Sura.

Rain was rained four times in a month. He developed agriculture. He was a great king. He was a good administrator. He collect the tax minimum rate under the revenue fees . People what they want, what they like, he ruled as like as them.

He ruled county well. People were lived happy in the Rama Rajyam. No poor people in the period. He was ideals to all the kings.

People loved the Rama and Seetha. He ruled well, and he appreciated by the people. They called him a good king, and prayed as God.

From that day devotees doing the Puja continuously in the temples. A famous Rama temple is in Bhadrachalam in Telangana. Andhra Pradesh government celebrate Navami function in Rama Temple at Vontimitta. It is in Kadapa district. His blessings need to all devotees. We want rama rajyam.



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