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The harmful effects caused by bedbugs

Updated on December 29, 2011

Bed bugs are basically parasitic in nature. These insects live on the human blood. Hence, it is obvious for the bed bugs to consistently attack humans. These insects are found in large numbers among the humans. Their presence can be felt in houses and also in other busy places too.

This article intends to discuss the harmful effects that are caused by bed bugs. A white swollen protrusion can be found on the skin in the place where the bed bug has bitten. This is to be taken as a precaution to get rid of the bed bugs from the house, so as to avoid other getting affected by bed bugs. It is stressed to get rid of the bed bugs, as their bite causes many health ill effects.

The first effect caused by the bite of a bed bug is skin rashes and blisters. When the bed bug feeds on the human blood, a specific liquid is secreted which results in skin rashes. The possible effects of the bite can sometimes not be seen and sometimes can be formed as blisters, which spoils the look of the skin.

A few skin allergies are caused by the bite of bed bugs. These allergies if not treated can spread on the skin causing further damage. Apart the physical effects, the bed bug bites also have psychological impacts to the body. These psychological effects prevent us from performing our daily activities effectively.

These bed bugs are present in holes and other dirty areas of the house. The eggs are laid regularly by the female bed bugs and even the skin is shed regularly. This makes the place dirty. The bed bugs have a feature of emitting a bad musty smell. This smell can impact the aroma of the room.

Hence understanding the ill effects caused by bed bugs, required preventive measures to be taken avoid bed bugs. how to get rid of bed bugs is the next question to be answered. There are professional pest control companies which could assist you in bed bug control with the use of chemicals. This is recommended, if the infestation of the bed bugs is high.

In case, the infestation of the bed bugs is minimal, then there are simple and economical methods that can be used to kill bed bugs. Vacuum cleaners can firstly be used to vacuum the bed bugs out of the house. The vacuuming has to be done thoroughly, which not only cleans the house but also gets you rid of the bed bugs.

Other simple and economical methods used are steaming and exposure to the sun. In the method of steaming, the blowers that blow hot air are used to kill the bed bugs. In this method, not just the bed bugs die, but even its eggs. Thus, it also avoids the bed bugs from its multiplication. In the method of exposure to sun, the infected item is exposed to sun for the bed bugs to die. Thus, how to kill bed bugs is best answered by the use of these methods.


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