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The human race: What worth are we?

Updated on February 26, 2016
Poster imploring humans to control their population.
Poster imploring humans to control their population. | Source
Aftermath of a nuclear strike.
Aftermath of a nuclear strike. | Source
Endangered species around the world.
Endangered species around the world. | Source
Pollution. | Source
Asteroid that could hit the earth.
Asteroid that could hit the earth. | Source
Planet earth in our hands.
Planet earth in our hands. | Source
Human evolution has gone wrong some where.
Human evolution has gone wrong some where. | Source
Chimps:  Show many human behaviours.
Chimps: Show many human behaviours. | Source
The earth would mostly be like this if not for humans.
The earth would mostly be like this if not for humans. | Source

Human Race.

When you look at the human race sometimes you have to ask yourself what is the point of us?

We have to be the worst creature that has ever walked God's good earth in the years we have existed where we have been recognisably human.

We war against each other and try to exterminate people of our species we don't like, we pollute the planet leading to global warming and freak weather, we wholesale exploit other creatures for our own ends. Face it humans are not nice and I admit I am ashamed to be one.

Our population is 9 billion and although many experts think our population will level out we have over run this planet like a pest. We are like a cancer on this planet eating away at everything we can get on our hands on - so called consumer society.

Don't get me wrong there are many good people amongst us who want to see an end to our greedy, polluting and warring society. There are those that want to save other species which are endangered like rhinos, the Asian elephant, the tiger, orang utan and there is clean energy like wave power, wind power, even electric cars but are all these things too little, too late?

Human beings are divided on race, religion, politics, fashion as it seems being the tribal creatures that we are we need to belong to something. If you study our closest relatives the chimps or bonobos they show war like behaviour and hunt and eat flesh something we humans are good at doing.

Human beings do have redeeming features where we can show what we call 'humanity' towards our own or other species.

Would the planet though be better of without us, I think the answer to that is yes most definitely, other species would be able to evolve and develop, the planet would return to a more balanced environment with out the human race being a drag on its resources. The only other thing that could stop the human race in its tracks is if an asteroid supposedly that wiped the dinosaurs hit us. There have been various proposals to destroy this in bound missile made out of rock like sending a team of astronauts up to plant charges on it or destroying it with a nuke missile but the only draw back to that would be it break up into smaller pieces and while not destroying the human race it would certainly cause damage.

As with nuclear war you can bet the governments of the world and the rich would have some underground bunker to flee to and leave the rest of us to die or barely survive in a hellish world and that's if anyone did survive.

As a species it seems we have our future, the future of other species and the planet and that is one hell of a responsibility and which way it goes is for the future to see.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago from Blackpool

      Glad I amused you ?


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