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The illusion of space-time

Updated on September 7, 2010

illusion of space-time

 The world around us, the stars above us, the vast realm of three-dimensional space that engulfs us, the question is, what is reality? Is all we see and feel, reality? Or is it just an illusion of our minds? Is there an arrow of time? If so, then does it have an end? These same questions many physicists are studying everyday looking for answers. String Theory states that all we see and feel are vibrating multi-dimesional strings that send out facific vibrations that make up and control our three-dimensional that make up and control our three-dimensional space-time. With that being said then that means our three-dimensional space is engulfed in higher dimensional fabrics of space which our minds and eyes cannot percieve, then that means our fabric of space is only but an illusion of our minds. That also being said then that means the time that passes by day after day is but an illusion also, due to the fact that space and time are but joined together as one. Time and experience is different for everyone which would help prove that space-time is only but an illusion of our minds.


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      Susie 3 years ago

      I feel sasftiied after reading that one.