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The Importance To Be Always Positive

Updated on November 7, 2017

Positive Mind


Positive Thinking

Perhaps every morning you wake up you think that you are realistic in your expectation, but if you think negative you might be actually just be a pessimist. Are you always thinking that you will fail? Are you often and constantly worried that something bad might happen? Are you always looking at the half empty glass at your life?

It is really time now that you start to think positive in your life. The impacts and benefits are enormous.

You will be more confident in your self when you think positively. This will actually help you even if you are not perfectly prepared for the tasks ahead or the steps that you are about to do in your life. I remember years back, I was so young and had to move to live to other country, so many things were somehow worrying me, wondering how would it all be in the new place, new culture, new people, away from family. I simply said Im great, I will do great and I will have a wonderful and interesting life in the new place. I affirmed these thoughts in front of the mirror with full confidence. Guess what happened, for more than 15 years now I have been living in many different countries away from my country origin, living interesting life, learning and experiencing in so many different kind of life diversity and their beauties. I am now fully contented of being able to live and learn life to the fullest. Of course it all happened also simply because I am giving my full preparation as well. Preparation always gives you that extra edge and boost in your confidence. If you have prepared well you have already won half of the battle.

When you think more positively, you will be much more happier. If you always imagine bad things happening and doubting your steps that you are about to take, you will never get peace of mind and get to where you want to be. It is fully in our best interest to think that our future is bright. Then you will be relax and do better in everything you do.

Yes this is the key to happy and successful life, in addition to thinking positive, we need to work hard and take action.

So please remember to work hard, take action and always think positive to reach to your dream. All the best to you all and to your life journey.

The Positive Attitude

When you have a mental and emotional attitude that focuse on the bright light, bright side of life mean you hold a positive thingking, because you always expects a positive outcomes.

Your positive thinking is anticipating;

  • health,
  • success
  • and happiness.

And you will always manage to overcome any kind of difficulties and any obstacles that come accross you.

But there are realy some people that consider positive thinking as a nonsense. They just dont believe and not willing to follow this concept of positive thinking. They will eventualy do accept its concept when they experience its effectiveness.

You do need to fully adopt the attitude of positive thingking in every thing you do in your life. use it completely in your life and not just to show and feel that you are aware of its existence.

Positive Thinking Is A Way Of Life

Positive Thinking is really a way of life, we feel pleasant, happy and grateful. This brings then the light to your eyes, a bright light, happiness and more energy. You are projecting a good will that leads to happiness and succes. Not only that, your health is as well having a positive impact in abeneficial way.

You should always walk tall with a body language that shows the way you feel and your voice is more powerful to be heard.

To surround yourself always with positive thinking people is crucial, so avoid the negative ones. As those who are negative thinking will only create negative and unhappy feelings, behaviour and moods by their thoughts, words and attitudes.

Whenever you are thinking negative you are releasing poison to your blood. You will feel unhappiness and negativity. Then leading you to frustration, dissapointment and failure. And Im pretty sure non of us want that to happen.

Ignoring what other people are saying or thinking about you is also very important, especially when they are discovering that you are changing your way of thinking. Always using positive words whenever you do your inner conversations, or whenever you are talking with other people. When you feel that a negative thoughts are entering your mind , you should be aware immediately about it and able to replace it with a positive and constructive ones. Lastly, smile more, as this will help you to think positive.


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    • Sissi Ravano profile image

      Theskha 12 months ago from The Beautiful Ligurian Sea, Arm Of The Mediterranean Sea

      Dear Amelia, hello from Liguria frome me. Indeed when we stay positive life feels easier, lighter and pleasant. Thank you so much for your Thumbs up.

    • easylearningweb profile image

      Amelia Griggs 12 months ago

      Well said, Theskha! Positive thinking is the key to happiness and a successful life. Thumbs up!