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The key applications of Apache Solr

Updated on May 30, 2014

The Following are the key applications for Apache Solr


Sorl is an open search platform developed by Apache Software Foundation team. Its main functions includes but not limited to hit highlighting, full text search, faceted search, database integration, rich document support, and index replication. Sorl is among the popular search engines so far. The software is particularly written in the language of runs in the servlet container including the Jetty or Apache Tomcat. It uses the java search library as its basis for search and full text indexing. In addition, it contains the HTTP/XML, REST and JSON, which enables it to be utilized by many programming languages. Further, Sorl’s external configuration is powerful enough to enable it to be adaptable in many applications without the necessity of power coding.


Apache Lucene is open software for retrieving information that is also supported by the Apache software foundation. It is released by the Apache software license. Among the programming languages which Apache Lucene is ported into include C++, C# , Delphi, PHP, Ruby and Python. The Apache Lucene, which is highly scalable, was developed by the Apache Software foundation. Lucene, can be employed on a commercial basis. It is used in building search capabilities for specific applications including, websites, mailing lists, and database search.Websites such as jGuru, the serverside, linkedln, Wikipedia among others are powered by Lucene (IBM, 2013, 1).


Apache Tomcat is another application by the Apache software foundation that is also an open web server. The application was designed to implement the specifications for JavaServer pages as well as the Java servltet specification from the sun Microsystems. Further, the application also offers a Java HTTP web server framework for Java code to operate. The Apache tomcat also consists of tools for configuration and management. It is also capable of editing and configuration of XML files.

Some of the features of Apache tomcat include, implementation of the JSP 2.2 and Servlet specifications. In most cases, the Java version required by this software includes version 1.6. However, some Java versions such as version 1.1, 1.5 and 5 could work with it, though not efficiently as version 1.6. Apparently, version six has been improved regarding scalability, performance, garbage collection and JSP parsing. Some of the communities and resources for Apache Tomcart.


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