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The Most Violent Wars Throughout History

Updated on June 10, 2017

Human race has gone through a lot since the very beginning, we went through ups and downs, through prosperity and depression. People has faced many risks, natural disasters, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, and artificial disasters as nuclear leaking. However, no one can deny that wars are the most horrible and terrifying historical events happened to humanity.

This articles aims to list the most horrific wars took place in the history of humanity.

1. The Second Congo War (1998 - 2003)

It is considered the most violent deadly war, has ever took place in Africa/Congo, as more than 8 countries had involved in the war, and 25 non-state actors (terrorist groups) had a role also in the war. But after the peace treaty in 2003, the statistics had found that these war resulted in 5.4 million people died through disease and starvation, and 1 million people had became homeless.

2. Russian Civil War (1917 - 1922)

This was a multi-party war occurred after the revolution over the Russian Tisar in 1917, known as the Bolshevik revolution, as there was two main actors, the white army against the red army, socialism vs capitalism. This war was the most effective war in the modern history of humanity and political ideologies as well, because it has established the Soviet Union, and spread the socialism ideology and cause the Cold War between the western and eastern block till 1989.

Although, the red army won and took over Tisar's throne, it caused the death of more than 9 million Russians.

3. The Thirty Years' War (1618 - 1648)

Between 1618 and 1648, central Europe was a playground for the Religious violent aggressive acts. The war was between Catholics and Protestants, as the Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand II, was trying to force Catholicism on the Protestantisms. So they were two groups of state with and against the Protestantism, as France for example, which ended with Westphalia treaty, that stated the sovereignty of each state. But it was a disaster as it resulted in death, famine, and diseases all over Europe, and the death of 7 million german people as well.

4. The Dungan Revolt (1862 - 1877)

Dungan rebellion took place in Hui territory, as the Muslim minorities in China were revolting against the Chinese authority, it was at first because of trade issues, then it exceeded the revolution into a little civil war, that resulted in 20 million people lost their lives in this revolution. Then the people from Dungan left China moving to Russia.

5. First World War (1914 - 1918)

Only in 4 years, more than 70 million military soldiers moved without knowing they are going to be a part of one of the most terrifying wars, formed two opposing alliances: Allied powers (France - British Empire - Russia - Japan) VS. Central powers ( Germany - Austria & Hungary - Ottoman Empire), then United states of America joined the Allied powers lately in 1917, this ended in the victory of Allied powers, who took over the Central powers territories and colonies. Causing the death of more than 8 million persons and 21 million injuries. Paris conference/Peace treaty was the treaty that stopped the war, forming the League of Nations to maintain peace in the world, but unfortunately it failed by the rise of Nazis in Germany and the beginning of the Second World War.

6. Second World War (1939 - 1945)

100 million people from 30 countries all over the world were engaged in this deadly war, since 1939, two blocks were attacking each other: Allies vs Axis. Most states had allocated their economic, military, and potential power, in order to beat their rivals. At this time people faced the Holocaust and 11 million people were killed, and the people killed 50 - 85 million people killed as a total statistics for the war. And ended by the victory of Allies, and United states of America had spent over 4 trillion dollars, and the formation of United nations to maintain peace instead of league of nations.


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