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The importance of education

Updated on April 5, 2015

The importance of education

The basic of an education starts with the “SCHOOL SLATE” and a “SLATE PENCIL” and now it reaches the mass spectrum in the name of “INTERNET”. Every educated person in India is supposed to meet the two extremes from a “School slate” to the “Internet”. As we don’t wanna roll back, let’s keep an eye on the emerging trends in the “INTERNET” in education.

Edubilla is a the education and the information portal which opts for the kids, students and the parents. The educational suppliers can also make use of edubilla to impinge their educational supplies.

In India we give more importance to academic subjects with little scope for creativity and extra-curricular activities. Our education system mainly gives emphasis to mechanical learning, memorization. The students are not provided with the space to think on their own. This system of education stops the students from thinking independently and creatively. We give strong focus on examinations and compare the students based on the same. This educational era should be changed with the view to build innovation inbuilt with the students. Edubilla is one such portal where you can learn with the peace of mind, know the new trends, learn in an innovative way.

Do you believe?

Yup, the utmost advantage is that even the crime rate can be reduced with the proper prospectus of the childhood education. So, we should ensure that only the schools are filled with the childrenand not the workshops.

The strong basement of education to the children is very essential to lead their life in a better, self-discipline and a prosperous way. The education can mold them in a better way to survive wherever they are and whatever they do. The educational gaps should be avoided. It is a damn truth that the education gives a better identity to the solemn individuals. We should ensure that we should impinge the importance of the childhood education.

Importance of Childhood Education:

The childhood education is very important in a society. The advantages of child hood education is that

The literacy rate can be improved

The child labors can be abolished

We can make a self-disciplined society

As we see, once a child is educated, they can be self-disciplined. The child labors once they get involved in the education, the child labors can be abolished. It is very essential to keep in mind that we send the children to schools and not to work centers.

Educate a child

The childhood education is very essential for the children to build their talents and it will help a lot to open their inbuilt talents. So, it is very essential to focus more on the childhood education as it can do wonders. You can be amazed of this fact. The well-disciplined and the well-educated student can make the better society.

The new educational venture
The new educational venture | Source


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