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The note, first Korean experience

Updated on August 14, 2016

Experience/metro ride guide in Korean

With the subway system developed as in Korea then this is the vehicles are very suitable for tourists.Take the subway to not only help you avoid the hassle when not understand traffic laws, but also help you save costs for his trip. Korea travel experience most convenient first then you should set the application map for Metro to your phone.

Korea travel guide first
South Korean trains
That was the Jihachul App application, this application is extremely useful for people that travel completely free for iOS and Android. This software will help you:

-Calculate the travel time between any station in the same network.

-View a map of the area of any station (with Internet access), including the position of the door.

-View information about the station such as contact telephone numbers, location of toilets, the position of the door when the ship to the dock, the bus at each door of the ga. ..

-See table now ships to the day in both directions.

-Memorize the frequently visited station (bookmark).

So if you are looking for the way would just enter departure station and arrival station, the application will help you. Install the software map South Korean subway is one of the tourist experience South Korea should first grasp.

Korea travel experience when the first metro ride
Korea travel experience when the first metro ride
Experience/convenient payment instructions in Korean

For convenient and easy payment of some public services, then you should use the T-money card.This is a type of card is widely used and very popular in public transport. Are you easily purchase in the store add-ons cost 2,000 to 3,000 won. After purchasing the card you can recharge for use. If when on the water that you don't spend most of the money in the card, you will be getting back the excess amount that in the air automatically. Using T-Money is also a Korean travel experience investing.

South Korean tourist experience first
T-money card
Experience, Guide travel communication Korea

If you don't speak Korean fluently, you can learn some basic words to respond in these situations is needed. Dulich9 some hints from South Korea is often used when traveling:


Water-Mool (pronounced just like with the cow, moo-ing)



To-Oo Jjok Reun

Left-Oen Jjok

In addition you should also install available software to translate Vietnamese-South Korea to support you in case of need. So to travel South Korea goes well then you should have some "scroll" communication when traveling to Korea for the first specified above.

The experience question road when traveling to Korea for the first

If you walk and accidentally went to the wrong way, or can't find the address you need to, you can ask the way the indigenous people. The Korean people are quite friendly and enthusiastic, especially foreign tourists. They committed to direct you to where you want to. So to avoid getting lost should you boldly asked the people here. A South Korean tourist note first that you should ask the youth because these people know English better than older ones.

Learn about currency is also South Korean tourist experience the first time you should know

Coming to South Korea or any other country you should also find out about the money and the value of it. South Korea's currency, the Won. Include notes is 1,000 won, 5,000 won, and won 10,000 coins include 10, 50, 100 and 500 won.

Korea travel experience convenient, you first need to understand the working schedule of the Bank.Most banks are open from 9:30 am to 16.30 pm, from Monday to Friday. The automated teller machine 24/7 should you withdraw easily when needed.

South Korean tourist experience first avoid slashing

If these bars do not specify the price in the menu then you should ask the storekeeper or right before serving. The price at which each each other and can be increased many times if you do not know the price. So ask the price before eating is also a Korean travel experience you first need to note.

Join the free volunteer tour

According to Korean tourism experience first save then you should join the Meteor Club Youth Voluntary Club. This is a club organized volunteer tours for tourists in the country. The volunteer guides are fluent in the languages as English, Japanese, Chinese and does not require any expenses.You just have to take the money and ticket money goes back to own. You can visit the Club website to find volunteer tours got that.

The experience of traditional Hanbok rental free of charge

Korean traditional costume, Hanbok has a score for free rental to help the tourists can take photographs of memories about Kimchi country. You can consult the store for free after the Hanbok rental:

-Store in the mu


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