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The nuclear radiation effect on growing children and pregnant women

Updated on March 16, 2016

Stress from Electromagnetic Radiation


Radioactivity effects on Pregnancy


The case of radioactive wastes

An important example of non – biodegradable wastes which can pollute the soil and water of earth to dangerous levels of toxicity are the radioactive waste materials (or nuclear waste materials). The radioactive waste materials are produced during the environment of nuclear fuels; they are produced in nuclear reactors, in hospitals and laboratories which use radioactive substances. The radioactive wastes emit high energy gamma radiations which are extremely harmful to all the living beings, men, animals as well as plants.

The two harmful effects caused by radioactive radiation or nuclear radiation on our body are:

1) Radioactive radioactive (or nuclear radiations) inhibit cell functions leading to some serious diseases like leukaemia. 2) Radioactive radiations (or nuclear radiations) unwanted cell growth leading to a deadly disease like cancer.

The pollution of environment caused by radioactive wastes which emit harmful nuclear radiations is called nuclear pollution. A great problem with controlling nuclear pollution is that radioactive materials spread to far – off places in very short time. Due to this, even those places which are quite far away from the original radioactive leakage, get polluted by nuclear radiations. It is because of this reason that nuclear pollution assumes a universal dimension. In view of the seriousness of the harm caused by nuclear pollution, special techniques of change of radioactive materials and disposal of radioactive wastes should be employed at the same time, a great vigilance should be kept on the stored radioactive materials and wastes to prevent the leakage of any radioactive materials during storage and disposal. This is because if the radioactive wastes are not handled properly, they during storage and disposal. This is because if the radioactive wastes are not handled properly, they will cause a tremendous damage to men, animals, as well as as plants.

The two suggested (but not fool – proof) methods of disposing – off radioactive wastes are;

A) Enclosing the radioactive wastes in containers made of concrete and then dumping them in the sea. B). Fusing the radioactive wastes into glass and sealing it deep inside hard – rock formation.

Nuclear Test Sites


nuclear radiation effect


skin injuries


Destruction caused by large scale nuclear radiations

Diseases caused due to pollution by radiations

The dangerous diseases caused by radiations are : cancer, Leukaemia and skin injuries. All the short wavelength, high energy radiations are harmful to the human health. The three types of radiations which damage human health.

a) ultra -violet rays or ultra -violet radiations. b) X- rays or X – radiations. c) Gamma rays (Gamma radiations or nuclear radiations.

Destruction caused by large scale nuclear radiations

An example of the destruction caused by the large scale pollution by nuclear radiations comes from the unfortunate dropping of an atom bomb on Hiroshima in Japan during the second world War. The tremendous nuclear radiations emitted by the explosion of atom bomb killed thousands of people instantaneously. The health of survivors was also damaged severely by the action of these nuclear radiations. For example, the survivors of this atom bomb tragedy developed many kinds of metabolic disorders, skin lesions, cancer and chromosomal defects. All these defects produced by nuclear radiations are hereditary which can cause malformation of future generations. Two accidents at the nuclear reactor sites in America and erstwhile Soviet Union have also caused wide – spread nuclear pollution.

Effect on growing children and pregnant women

By inhibiting many cell functions, damaging tissues and chromosomes, and by inducing unwanted cell division, nuclear radiations can cause irreparable damage to the growing children and pregnant women. So, to avoid the risk of damage to the growing child, and the growing embryo, by nuclear radiations, children below 18 years of age and pregnant women are not allowed to enter a nuclear reactor building.

Pollution from nuclear wastes left behind in the nuclear reactor during the fission process are also radioactive and emit nuclear radiations which cause pollution. These radioactive nuclear wastes take a long time to decompose to form harmless, non- radioactive substances. So far there are no foolproof methods of disposing off these nuclear safely without causing pollution of air, water or soil. So, while using the nuclear fission process for the generation of electrical energy, there is a constant danger of nuclear pollution from possible accidents at the nuclear reactor sites and from the disposal of nuclear wastes.


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