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The One Secret To Success No One Is Telling You

Updated on January 25, 2015

Don't you just hate those websites that claim to tell you some secret but make you buy some book or CD? well i'm here just to straight up tell you how to get what you work towards and put your mind to.

What they don't want you to know

mentality Your brain is a lot more powerful than you might think it is. Isn't it mind blowing how your brain alone can make your body lift a 3,500 pound car under extreme stress? Your brain also completely controls every other organ, muscle, reflex, and thought you make in your body. It always amazes me how these type of thing are possible. Your brain alone is far more powerful than you just may think.

Have you ever wanted to start a business, lose 50 pounds or even talk to that girl in your class? I know personally these were all huge problems for me back in high school. The secret is all about mentality. How you come into a situation mentally will have a huge role in the outcome of the results. I have learned this through my own personal experiences in life and am i am here to let you in on this little secret that has helped me so much in my life.

The factors of success

"Ok so what do I have to do then?" you may be asking yourself. Well all you have to do is just visualize yourself accomplishing whatever you set out to do.

Know confidently in your heart that you WILL be successful in whatever you set out to accomplish.

This is a big one. Visualize the euphoria and feeling of success you will feel after completing your task. This will only motivate you further and solidify the mentality that you will be successful.

It's not "Oh hopefully i'll lose 10 pounds this month" its "I am absolutely going to destroy these fat cells off my body!" You can't have a single fibre of doubt in your whole body. You have to know true in your heart you will be successful in what you set out to do, no maybe's! That is the dedication it takes to becoming what you want in your life.

My story of success

What does this guy know? Back in my high school days, I used to skateboard and always wondered how this one pro I always looked up to learned how to kickflip in just ONE day when it took me months. After skateboarding for 11 years I learned the secret is all about how you approach a situation mentally.

Once I learned that, it was game changer. I learned dozens of new tricks everyday. I went from being okay, to that kid everyone sat and watched at the skatepark in almost a month. It was absolutely amazing, I felt on top of the world. I was absolutely shocked at how fast I was progressing. Everyday I would go to the skatepark knowing that I was going to learn something new.

I went on to apply this learned skill in all aspects of my life. Getting into college, landing a prestigious job and starting my own business are just a few examples. I even apply this to super small everyday tasks and finds it helps a tremendous amount, no matter what the task is, big or small.

Now go on out into this world and confidently accomplish whatever you set your mind out to!

-Brandon The One


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