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Powerful creativity of the mind today

Updated on March 30, 2013

Learn! to be more creative

"The mind is a terrible thing to waste." what a quote, and I wonder where such a phrase came from, because it is absolutely positively correct. We have a powerful brain us humans, and the day when, we first began to realize such a thing as individuals or begin to, was or shall also be the very same day when a sudden revelation comes to us.

The tendency for people to doubt themselves during this great moment of triumph and that of their truest potentials is common. Then there are those folks who truly believe they've found their calling in life, as well as those who feel as though they just know it all now. Being somewhere in the middle between both those differing perspective view points, is precisely the best place to be mentally to maximize your creative potentials.

Does decision making stimulate creativity?


The truth is in our brain

Our brains is said to function on a thought processing activity of neural oscillations, where the neurons in our central nervous system fires off at a given frequency. With that being stated depending on any given persons neural activity anything in the form of creativity can be conjured up and on a moments notice.

The funny thing however is, when us humans appear to be pressured much more in our daily lives, and or stressed mentally such activity begins to pick up tremendously, thus giving us the unseen potential to crunch out yet even more creativity.

This is the truest power of our brains, and it is a complete and utter response to stimuli, and that of our outer environments, what opposes this function is either when there is nothing apparently going on in the outer environment of such an individual or group of individuals. Also perhaps the same is true when something internally goes wrong in their body, heart or mind for that given individual or group, which is signaled by failure of some sort to produce anything worth real authentic value to themselves or all others. (This is where lacking creativeness comes into the picture.)

Creativity is both relevant to the inner most systematic functions of us humans, and how we shall connect with what's being revealed to us outside of our bodies and in the more temporal lobe (Where humans retain visual memories) sense of things, as we see, touch, feel, smell, and taste it all.


Memories to last a life time boost creative abilities

The memories we have as we go along throughout life will also tend to be methods to conjure up some amazing levels of neural activities, and from such we can also spark unlimited amounts of creativity. This is how the known world of man-made everything has even come into existence and over ages of time, trail & errors, and adaptation to our surroundings as a whole.

Digging deeply into the outside of things, by means of using our cognitive powers of reason, or making sense of what is different from one given thing to another thing, also helped us in creating massive archives of information; that has somehow made it humanly possible for us to aim high in our further pursuits for more and more gratifying concepts.

We tend to ponder on looking up for divine assistance as well, and for the mere purposes of trying to figure out all of existence per say in how a scientist tends to examine the contours of outer space, as well as our inner space.

This sort of race to the end of human existence or re-discovery of it all from its inception of our very humble beginnings. Has always been a means of true inspiration, and the truest reason why we all have ever had the need to come up with a single given subject. Schools were built and erected to keep this on going perpetual motion learning machine moving, and it lead to colleges, as well as the all knowing and powerful universities becoming the centers of education and higher learning for all of humanity.

Now we have the Internet today as well, which isn't the most reliable for finding the most accurate information, but at least we have it and it works wonders for many folks seeking to learn today. (Many forms of information can be misleading or incorrect entirely, even if there's so-called proven facts to verify its findings.)


College and Universities harness our creativity

The collegiate system has been the boiling point per say for any college student looking to master themselves. To become a person who can be looked upon as a dependable resource, and expert in any field of study. Becoming a career oriented person today is their motivation besides the obviousness of earning a good income, and to maintain such a stance takes a firm grip on knowledge gathering, as well as approval from that of the college and university professors guiding lights.

To graduate and gain a degree is highly commendable indeed, but there's loads of more things they need to do to solidify such a strategic position.

Such leadership roles they are to earn and to play in this world, as new age leaders of our unforeseen future is something we strive to keep on going and well protected. This is the ideal that societies have been placing major emphasis on for 1000's of years, but in today's technological age a complete shift in these ideas has dawned upon us.

True creative abilities come into the picture where these institutions have been carved into place, by those who knew someday, that us humans would require the intelligible guidance of one another. This all was done by our ancestors using that of their very own mind powers once upon a time, and that of purely creative works. It also took a up close and precise examination of the world around them, thus giving birth to the sciences & mathematics, and all other subjects we study today as well as professions our young students seek to fit into through the creative learning process.

Very interesting perspective on the subject

Has the widespread over usage of the Internet of today somewhat limited our true creative abilities?

The usage of the computer and the Internet has identifiably changed this reality for the student, for the teacher, the professor looking to educate the world, and the likes. This new age movement has posed not only an unlimited opportunity to such individuals seeking to channel their creative mind powers in useful directions, but its also presented a huge dilemma of sorts. (Internet addiction does indeed take away from a persons true potentials.)

Mainly the reason for such a problem arising is due to that of the mind losing its sense of directions while plugged in, priority, of focus, and of the more natural connection to the world of today. Online everything today appears to be consuming everything in its digital pathways, that even means stuff on the ground especially. So the only way to save your mind from being totally consumed by it all, is to either join forces with this cyber life; then to somehow use its powers of networking and making good connections so to help others worldwide, or to simply do quite the opposite by tuning it all out completely. (We reap what we have sewn)

This is an undeniable truth, because we even have mobile gadgets that are somewhat attached to our hips today. If these highly advanced technological tools aren't going to be used properly, they can actually become a powerful deterrent to that of our success in life, and ability to fully express our mind powers of creativeness in its various formats.

Using technology in a wise method is definitely the more preferred way to go, and for people who seek a smarter pathway to place their true potential into. To eventually benefit from such activities of the mind is priceless, but keeping in mind it all takes balance is the sure fire key to succeed in this life both off and online.

Inner and outer visions

Looking through the hour glass of time has its ups and downs for us humans. Many of us use that of our inner vision to dig deeply for that of creativity and this comes from pure and uncut mental envisioning of things that may very well not be in existence at all. It's almost like witnessing a mirage or that of an illusion, this is somewhat the same when it comes to the psychology behind coming up with a reality that has never existed before. (Wishful thinking maybe)

Lets take a Hollywood movie for instance, where do you think the imagery, sights and sounds as well as overall plots have derived from. "Wait, whats that? did you really think it came from reality and the things we see everyday?"

Outer visions do indeed have a influence on that of our thought process as a whole, and may actually be the underlining reason for many artists to paint their masterpieces into spaces of many various palettes. However, when it comes to pure creativity in itself, some folks may fall short of using their outer vision to do such a thing.

It does indeed take true motivation and certain kind of love as well as passion for what you see physically with your eyes. For us to begin to use that creativeness and allow it manifest itself onto any physical form maybe by self application.

That statement up above holds true and is something required in order to be able to re-generate a great deal of creativity from that of our outer visions. By changing what we visualize into a rare and uncut form for viewing pleasure for either yourself or others soon to come, is the ultimate goal and final product well worth the time of investment.

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So where does creativity derive from?

Creativity in itself actually derives from ones heart, mind, and determination to enjoy what they truly love about this world they live in, and so even if they hate certain things about it all, their passion shall help to turn such a negative emotion into a more positive reflection about such a reality they have perceived at one time or another.

Sending signals to the outside world by per say using creative writing, writing in general or by some means of visually drawing things into action, can and will evoke such built up emotions a person has held deep down inside their heart of hearts or mind. This kind of mental interaction of sorts and foreplay of the mind, and heart does tend to actually help us authors of the web to both heal ourselves, and potentially help those folks whom were once in a great deal of pain mentally. Many of which may have at one time or another maybe decided to view our digital crafts, and creative works we've placed into action.

Now for many countless others it may actually unfortunately do quite the opposite to be so creative, and can potentially drive them backwards mentally through the usage of their very own ingenuity and creativity. This has definitely been shown all throughout the ages of man made time, history and through ancient antiquity as being a counter productive activity also known as self destructive.

Those folks who have lived once upon a time and shown the world that they've lived a life out of pure misery, and even though they had everything they wanted, depicts this true reality to us all.

Through their creative voices of self expression and leaving a long lasting impression on humanity as a whole. Many of us have indeed bear witness to that of their true to life stories of struggles, personal accounts, and earthly pains. A great deal of us readers of this world and watchers may have possibly read their autobiographies, watched them spectacularly well produced documentary films, movies classics, and the likes. "As they say seeing is believing."

So lets get to sweeping!


Locomotion spells the answer to it all

Going through the motions of both good and bad moments in ones life shall provide such a platform for creativity to be generated for sure, and can sweep folks off their feet both digitally and on the ground today. However such a person who has gone through these mentally traumatic as well as physical exchanges or experiences of sorts, will also need to remain motivated as ever to sustain their talents for long periods of time. (To some folks creativity comes naturally as well, and from birth.)

Those whom are the most self driven and motivated individuals will fair off much better in the end when it comes to overall success from such creative works, and those who go the other way, tend to suffer a great deal and even in the eyes of appearing to be successful in life, hence fourth many failed or "lost dreams" that have once been looked upon as being something once good before attainment, yet it turned out to be a rotten life story for some very unfortunate souls.

In conclusion, creativity does indeed have its ups and down in this life, and balance is what we all need to achieve as a race of people. So in order to avoid from any excessive behaviors developing and causing grave harm to that of our ability to put out the right messages. We all need to focus on cultivating and channeling our creative abilities, amazing gifts and talents towards the right directions in life, and far from self destructive purposes.

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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @MrsBrownsParlour, yes indeed we do need to channel our energies into creative forms of various expressions. It is what I believe makes us humans uniquely different from that of any other species on earth.

      Thanks for providing your response here, and for sharing you thoughts on creativity with me, oh and also thanks for all the communications you've been making lately I will surely repay the favor soon.

      Its so cool to see eye to eye with folks today, and I'm so glad you understand what message I'm trying to put out with this article.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 

      5 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      I appreciate you mentioning your personal motivations...I can identify greatly.I have been most creative during my most difficult times too, which includes the past couple years. It pushes me upward too. It also makes me willing to risk more because I have nothing to lose. When others things are taken away, the things that matter most become clear. Maybe we can't eat art and music, but they make life worth living. :-)

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @MrsBrownsParlour, yes I do agree that entertainment and education in the form of creativity is definitely time consuming and also in ways of draining energy for sure, but all in all in the end its well worth the time invested and spent for sure. Thanks for your insightful comment, and for sharing with me.

      For me my motivation and drive for creativity is from being down and out as a poor person for years. It helps me to think about striving further and further to succeed today for sure.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 

      5 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      Great topic with interesting thoughts! I do think that being on the "consuming" end of creative entertainment or even education can stifle productivity. I have tons of creativity and little time to get it all down; I find that things like walking or driving or gardening where I'm moving but on "automatic pilot" are the most inspirational times.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @always exploring, Hey there Ruby glad you made it to the creative mind work out hub of mine LOL.

      Yup there's so many sources of creativity and its so fun to tap into it all for sure. I'm so happy to be online sharing much of mine, and getting to explore and share that of others it truly is awesome!

      Thanks for that cool insightful comment and for sharing.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @MarieAlana1, thank you for that awesome comment up there, yes indeed I love and enjoy being creative and us humans are so filled with it, its quite amazing how far we've come today.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      It's funny how i find creativity, sometimes it's from looking at a picture, other times inspiration from other writers, then there's the song, many times i hear a song and i immediately want to write. Great topic Cloud..Enjoyed your prospective on creativity..

    • MarieAlana1 profile image

      Marie Alana 

      5 years ago from Ohio

      I like this hub! It is so interesting! Creativity is such a splendor to behold. There is never a dull moment when one is truly creative!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Hey Bill, Yeah man I been thinking a great deal about what stirs the creativity in others and besides that of myself, then I decided to go into a great deal of my thoughts I been through while trying to become a professional in this life, and all the extremes I had to go through.

      Next thing you know this hub was being crafted on my Smart phone one day, and now it has arrived here.

      Crazy stuff bro, but well worth the time of investment indeed.

      Thanks for the cool insightful comment, its much appreciated by me.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Mike, I can't shut my brain down. I'll be out for a walk and I am inundated with ideas for articles and other things to try. I don't understand how people can say they have writer's block, or they are bored, or whatever. Our minds are constantly sending signals to us. All we have to do is be accepting of those signals.

      Again you speak the truth, buddy!



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