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Taking time off from blogging

Updated on June 2, 2017
Doesn't this photo just inspire you to take some time off from blogging it sure does for me.
Doesn't this photo just inspire you to take some time off from blogging it sure does for me.

Taking time off from blogging

Blogging can be done anytime and anywhere which makes it limitless. It can be never ending. Why would someone want to take time off from blogging? What is blogging exactly? Blogging is, something that you do on the worldwide web, you can write about anything you want and post it to the web just remember it goes on the web. It is sort of like a diary if that is what you want it to be, or it could be something you do for a past time, or it can be a job. Most people use blogging as a past time, so they don’t really consider taking time off because they don’t blog enough to take that time off. What if you blog, full time or have other things to do. Isn’t taking time off a good thing. Or what if you just need a break. If you have been writing a limitless number of posts when do you stop?

Have you ever thought about it? Are you a blogger? Do you take, time off from blogging or do you just blog all the time? I take at least two weeks off from blogging a month or at least I try too but that doesn't always happen. I know that when I asked a few people if I should be taking time off they said that I shouldn’t the ideas will come when they come they said. I just don’t know how much of that I believe. When you take time off from blogging do you actually want to take the time off or does something come up that makes you need to take time off? When I have a very busy week is when I usually don’t write. But what I consider a busy week and what someone else considers a busy week, are different things.

When your week is very, busy do you have time to blog? Probably not right, so that is when you would take time off from blogging. I do these things every two weeks because I plan out my ideas for different blogs. I take the time off from writing every two weeks to plan my ideas and that is what I consider taking time off from blogging. Usually when this happens though I have a busy week, where I have a number of different appointments, in a week, I decide that it’s time to focus on those and not my writing. I also like having a list of at least fifty ideas before I actually write, anything. The reason for that is because I want to write consecutively, so yes taking the time to plan ideas is what I consider taking time off from blogging. Sure some people can write any idea that comes into their head whenever, but I just don’t work like that. I like the planning aspect and the fact that I can do whatever I need to do, like the things I have been neglecting during the planning week without feeling as though I have to write. I do this to give my mind and my hands a break and a rest.

Taking time off from blogging, is a great way, to reorganize your thoughts. It can help you come up with new ideas if you don’t write all the time because your brain is not going so fast. For example, what if you are into a really good book, but with you writing all the time there is no time for reading. Why not take time off from what you are writing and read the book, it might inspire you to do other things. That is what taking time off from blogging does for me sometimes, it makes me think of different things and find different inspiration.

How to take a blogging break look into this if you ever need one.
How to take a blogging break look into this if you ever need one.

There is always different things bloggers can do when they take time off

Although if you are a blogger you might have different ideas about taking time off from blogging, spending time with family, and friends. That is why I take time off, two weeks out of the month. I have one appointment a month and usually, I take that week off because with that one appointment everything else seems to fall into that week. I take time off, to give my brain a rest, and to give my hands a rest. Have you ever taken time off from blogging and what do you think of it? As I mentioned before, taking time off from blogging can open a lot of new ideas for other blog posts. If you are not continuously writing, maybe stop thinking of blog posts and the ideas will just show up and they will be good ideas. If you have hit a rough patch in your blogging why not take some time off, and see what happens.

Taking time off from blogging can be beneficial to you, and your family, the reason for this is because you are focused on them and not your writing. Which in turn will help you with new blogging ideas and everyone needs those now and again don't they. That is why earlier in the post I say that I take weeks off from blogging and I plan my posts for the coming weeks, It is easier for me to do that, then it is to just write all the time. If you are a blogger do you take time off and what do you do with your time?

Sometimes, bloggers need to take time off to get their thoughts organized. Even to get things done that they have been putting off in order to blog. That is why people take time off from blogging to get away from the stress of writing. Don't you think? Taking time off from blogging is when you stop writing, that doesn't mean you are actually taking time off from blogging though because you are always thinking about it. Thinking of new ideas, to write even though you tell people that you are taking time off. When I tried to take two weeks off a month, to plan new posts it was hard because I was thinking too hard, so I decided that when I took the time off from blogging I wouldn't think about blogging. When I did that, the ideas came in limitless amounts. If you are thinking of taking time off from blogging try to change your mindset when you take the time off don't think of blogging think of other things and ideas for blog posts will come to mind easier.

Breaks are necessary
Breaks are necessary

Take the time to regroup and rest when you need too

If you are a blogger you know that you can't blog all the time. You know that you need to take the time to rest and regroup when either blogging gets tough or you just don't have material to write about. Don't ever force yourself to write because then your writing will be choppy and not the way you want it. Have you ever found that when you don't take a break from blogging?

As a blogger how much time do you take off? Let's Discuss

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